DUBAI, UAE:– In the urgent push for a sustainable future, KROHNE is driving industrial decarbonization efforts with its innovative suite of process instrumentation, water, and energy management solutions. The company's technology and commitment to sustainability partnerships position it as a leader in the global fight against climate change.

“Decarbonization is the imperative of our time,” said Frank Janssens, Vice President, KROHNE Middle East and Africa. “KROHNE solutions empower companies to optimize operations, reduce emissions, and take tangible steps towards a net-zero future.”

KROHNE's digitalization expertise, harnessed through IoT, AI, and analytics, delivers actionable insights for industries seeking to lower their carbon footprint. This data-driven approach pinpoints key areas for emissions reductions, energy efficiency gains, and waste management optimization.

The company's dedication to sustainability is further strengthened by its active participation in the UNGC, AHK, and the IRENA AFID initiative. These partnerships reinforce KROHNE's alignment with international sustainability goals and commitment to collaboration.

As the world prepares for critical events like COP28 and beyond, KROHNE's solutions and industry partnerships offer a blueprint for success. Family-owned companies like KROHNE possess a unique advantage in the decarbonization journey, focusing on long-term sustainability rather than purely short-term gains.

“Collaborate, innovate, and act – that's the path to tackling the climate crisis,” adds Janssens. "KROHNE is committed to helping industries make every day Earth Day by accelerating the adoption of transformative solutions.”



The KROHNE Group is a global manufacturer and provider of process instrumentation, measurement solutions and services in many industries. Founded in 1921 and headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, we offer local contacts for instrumentation projects of any size in over 100 countries. KROHNE stands for innovation and highest product quality as one of the market leaders in the process industry.

KROHNE, as a family-owned century-old entity, has a vested interest in empowering our customers in a just transition towards net zero and is proud to be AHK’s (German Emirati Joint Council for Industry and Commerce) Sustainability Series partner, a member of the United Nations Global Compact UAE chapter and a member of IRENA’s Alliance for Industry Decarbonisation. KROHNE is also ECOVADIS Silver Certified.

KROHNE is an independent family-owned business, fully owned by the Rademacher-Dubbick family. KROHNE ensures they put people and planet before profits through highly-engineered industrial measurement technology that make sustainable business decisions easier.

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