MENA--IPG Mediabrands, the media holding company within Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG) announced the launch of KINESSO, a tech-driven performance unit delivering real intelligence that moves brands forward. The new entity is poised for accelerated growth through the integration of three powerhouse brands: Kinesso, Reprise, and Matterkind, now living under the KINESSO banner within IPG Mediabrands. In line with its parent company,  MCN has appointed Karthik Kumar as Managing Director of KINESSO, effective October 16th to lead the MENAT region.

By the year 2025, the media landscape is set for a profound and irreversible transformation. Three significant trends will shape this evolution. First, 75% of all media will undergo a radical shift towards automation and AI-driven optimization, revolutionizing the way content is created and delivered (Source: Digitalization Concepts - Case Studies: AI-Artificial Intelligence"). Second, an overwhelming 90% of online content will originate from AI-generated sources, redefining the boundaries of creativity and information dissemination. Lastly, the retail media sector will experience a surge, with a remarkable $121.9 billion of investment, making it the fourth-largest media channel globally (Source: BestMediaInfo Bureau, December 2022). Together, these developments mark a significant shift in the industry toward automation, AI-driven content, and substantial investments in retail media.

By bringing together the collective power of Matterkind, Reprise, and Kinesso under the KINESSO banner, the new entity is uniquely positioned to unify the data derived from a brand’s full marketing system into one renowned, intelligent, growth-driving capability. KINESSO performance solutions, end-to-end media activation and optimization, global capability centers and data/tech prowess opens the door for an even more holistic and integrated approach to servicing and ensuring the success of IPG Mediabrands clients.

There could not be a better time for Karthik to take over the reins and lead the former Reprise team into a new era of digital marketing transformation in the Middle East under the banner of KINESSO.

Karthik brings a wealth of experience to KINESSO with an impressive career path spanning over 18 years. His expertise lies in pioneering cutting-edge solutions through advanced analytics and machine learning. Notably, he served as Director of Growth Analytics at Coupang, Korea's premier eCommerce platform, where he played a pivotal role in identifying and propelling growth opportunities across diverse digital domains, including paid channels, CRM platforms, customer segments, products, and categories. Prior to that, he established a Center of Excellence as Director of Data Science at Epsilon in Bangalore. His journey also includes impactful roles at Amazon Bangalore and a decade at Accenture Bangalore, solidifying his reputation as a strategic growth partner capable of optimizing multimillion-dollar portfolios.

Ghassan Harfouche, Group CEO MCN and President of McCann Worldgroup APAC, said, “This is the perfect moment for Karthik to come aboard to drive the industry’s most powerful delivery engine under the KINESSO banner to new heights of excellence in the region. His proven track record in digital transformation exemplifies his keen aptitude for fostering client business growth. He will adeptly guide both our clients and the team towards brilliance”.

Karthik Kumar, Managing Director of KINESSO MENAT, added, "I'm thrilled to join KINESSO, where our mission is to redefine digital excellence, offering a wide range of services, from performance marketing to cutting-edge technology, incorporating AI and data science. Leveraging our deep understanding of consumer behaviour, KINESSO stands out in providing comprehensive planning and optimization, data-driven social strategies, fueling the expansion of e-commerce, and crafting customized marketplaces to meet each client's unique needs. We are fully prepared to lead the charge in innovation, delivering exceptional value to our clients and driving tangible growth in the ever-evolving media industry." 

“KINESSO by definition means movement and change, and that is what we’re bringing to the forefront of this new business. We’re here to help our clients win and make sure those wins stand out above the rest. KINESSO will make up the most efficient and powerful operating system in the market fueled by an infrastructure that allows all our agencies to function with agility and consistency in a global capacity,” said Jarrod Martin, Global CEO of KINESSO.

KINESSO will have extensive offerings spanning performance marketing and data and technology and is poised for digital excellence via advanced capabilities including progressive search engines, digital experience and platform intelligence to media activation, AI, and audience development.  With a deep understanding of consumer behavior, KINESSO offers an end-to-end engine of planning and optimization while also delivering on data-driven strategy for social platforms, actionable growth in e-commerce, and creating curated marketplaces specific to each client's function and needs.

“This is an important time in our history to build upon the collective success of Matterkind, Reprise, and Kinesso.  Positioned at the heart of IPG Mediabrands, KINESSO will expand horizons for our clients by prioritizing excellence in the future of media, superior value delivery, and a commitment to innovation breaking down industry barriers. We’re excited to bring this offering to our clients and drive actionable growth for their businesses,” shared Eileen Kiernan, Global CEO of IPG Mediabrands.  

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