Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Shiplifier, a homegrown platform providing seamless shipping solutions under one dashboard, has formally launched operations, coming in as a key solution to ecommerce businesses to secure reduced shipping rates from multiple shipping companies. 

At the North Star’s Supernova Competition held at GITEX in 2022, Shiplifier were a finalist for its Top 10 Startup of the MENA Region. Founded by CEO Ali Javaheri, Shiplifier was born out of desire to streamline and automate shipping logistics for e-commerce businesses. A traditionally tedious process that typically requires users to shop rates from various couriers via different platforms. 

Since its inception in March, Shiplifier has garnered more than 300 customers and ecommerce businesses, amassing a Month-to-Month increase of 100%. Shiplifier’s achievements and strategic courier rates from multiple third party logistics grants businesses unprecedented flexibility with access to competitive rates from couriers including I Mile Delivery, DHL, FedEx, Aramex, Zajel and SMSA Express. 

Shiplifier is a cost-effective path delivering in a timely manner by streamlining key operations empowering businesses to efficiently process, ship, track, and monitor packages. The platform significantly reduces the time businesses spend on logistics management, through consolidation and conveniently accessible within a unified and user-friendly platform.

Drawing from his four years of invaluable experience within the shipping and e-commerce industry in North America, Shiplifier’s CEO Ali Javaheri comments, “Today, users are accustomed to placing orders for food that encompasseses all aspects from cooking, preparation, packaging and the delivery. Similarly with Shiplifier, customers can expect the same 360 solutions for their ecommerce business when it comes to shipping and logistics.” 

Shiplifier’s extensive network not only provides businesses the freedom to choose from top-tier shipping solutions but also facilitates smooth integration with leading e-commerce platforms, elevating the overall efficiency of logistics and order processing. For more information, please visit

About Shiplifer

Shiplifier is a web based application that specializes in securing reduced shipping rates from various shipping companies. Dedicated to streamlining and automating order processing for e-commerce businesses, Shiplifier offers a comprehensive platform for businesses to seamlessly process, ship, track, and manage various aspects of operations all conveniently consolidated under one website.

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