Coinciding with the taking of the constitutional oath, the start of the new presidential term of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and the announcement of the opening of the first phase of the New Administrative Capital, Infinity Towers announced a new achievement regarding its mixed-use Infinity Tower project, located in the Central Financial and Business District. In the New Administrative Capital (CBD), the timetable specified by the New Administrative Capital Company for implementing the project has been passed, with a construction rate exceeding 70%, as the tower’s height reached 160 meters above the ground.

Dr. Eng. Asaad Salama, Chairman of Towers” for Urban Development, said that the “Infinity Tower” project was designed in cooperation with the global Canadian office NORR Group, which has won many prestigious international awards, stressing that this cooperation resulted in the production of an exceptional design that is different from all projects in Egypt and makes the Infinity Tower project not just an architectural structure but a role model in the field of sustainable architecture, announcing that the company has obtained registration approval from the US Green Building Council to obtain the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) platinum certificate, which It makes the Infinity Tower project a role model in sustainable architecture.

Dr. Asaad Salama added that the achievement achieved by Infinity Towers confirms the leadership and innovation that the company enjoys in the real estate development industry for high-rise towers, and reflects its firm and firm commitment to achieving sustainable success and providing added value to investors and society alike, indicating that this The achievements come within the framework of the company's commitment to achieving the highest standards of quality and professionalism, and the large proportion of construction that has been implemented in the "Infinity Tower" project is considered strong evidence of the effectiveness and efficiency of the collective and organizational work of the "Infinity Towers" team.

In the same context, Dr. Hady Fathy, CEO of Infinity Towers For Urban Development, said that “Infinity Tower” includes a commercial mall with a capacity of more than eleven thousand square meters and contains many brands, restaurants and banks, all of which feature a unique view of the city. The iconic tower, stressing that the “Infinity Tower” project contains many meeting rooms with different capacities and contains co-working spaces to ensure efficient use for the pioneers, owners and users of the “Infinity Tower” project.

"Infinity Towers" For Urban Development  explained that the first phase of the "Infinity Tower" project is expected to be delivered at the end of this year, with the trial operation of the first phase taking place in mid-2025, and the "Infinity Tower" project will also be fully operational by 2026.

It is worth noting that the highly efficient thermal insulation glass facades have been completed in “Infinity Tower” project, which were specially imported and fully manufactured from abroad, with dimensions of 1.60m width x 4.50m height, implemented for the first time in Egypt in “Infinity Tower” project.

It is noteworthy that the "Infinity Towers" For Urban Development has began its investments in the Egyptian real estate market in the New Administrative Capital in the world of high-rise towers in 2019 to transfer its expertise and the latest design and construction methods from Dubai to Egypt, and the construction work that has been accomplished to date in the "Infinity Tower" tower. It is a living example of the excellence of “Infinity Tower” , with its vast areas reaching 1,560 square meters per floor without any columns served by more than 18 high-speed elevators, using modern materials and specifications used for the first time in Egypt. “Infinity Tower” project also includes a garage. It is ground-based, for the first time, with five floors and a capacity of up to 900 cars.