• The new characters are original creation of IMG World of Adventure
  • IMG Worlds choose the Arabian Fox as the new character to educate the community on one of UAE’s endangered species
  • Freddy & Flory will take guests on new adventures and perform live on stage
  • The Dynamic Duo will promote the values of courage, freedom, continuous exploration and believing in your dreams.


Friday, June 14, 2024 – Dubai:

In a groundbreaking move to engage with the community, IMG Worlds of Adventure is proud to present its latest original creations, with two new characters Freddy and Flory  - the dynamic duo of Arabian Foxes. Set to charm visitors with their adventurous spirit during Eid Al Adha and the summer season, these two new characters promise an unforgettable experience for guests of all ages and will aim to shed the light on the challenges of this famous regional animal as an endangered species.


When asked about the inspiration behind these endearing characters, Mr. Ilyas Galadari shared, "We wanted to introduce characters that not only entertain but also carry a message of cultural significance. The Arabian Fox was a natural choice for us, symbolizing agility, intelligence, and adaptability." “We strongly believe that bringing awareness to the community through entertainment and character building is more impactful and goes a long way in delivering a long-lasting message, and this was always a main pillar in IMG’s strategy”, added Mr Mustafa Galadari.


Freddy & Flory the Arabian Foxes, will be part of IMG worlds of Adventure guest’s journey that will be filled with excitement and unforgettable experiences for both the young and the young at heart. The new lovable characters are experienced explorers and will escort visitors in the all-new “Call to Adventure Parade”. They will venture together into many new locations such as “The Jungle Boulevard”, the “Edge of the World Temple”, and the mysterious “Mayan Pyramid”.


Desert Foxes or Fennec Foxes (Vulpes Zerda), Freddy & Flory, are on the list of IUCN Red List of Threatened Species from 2018. Rare sightings have been reported in the UAE, three in 20 years. IMG Worlds chose the Arabian Fox To enlighten the new generation and raise their awareness on some of the endangered animals of the local wildlife. This step also comes in line with UAE’s Vision 2030 – the fourth priority area in the Environmental aspect of the vision: “Biodiversity, habitat and cultural heritage – conserved for current and future generations”.


Rola Osseiran, Group Head of Marketing in IMG Group, commented: “Summer 2024 in Dubai marks the beginning of a new ERA for IMG Worlds.  Our new strategy is to create memories of a new adventure on every visit. IMG Worlds is activating a grand opening at 12 pm on a daily basis. They will venture into new civilizations and new worlds. Stories will be built around the characters, which might initiate new figures in the near future that will expend IMG Worlds family.


There are plenty of activities to explore this Summer starting from the 14th June 2024 till 25th August 2025 at IMG Worlds of Adventure. For more information, visit IMG Worlds.


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