Dubai, UAE – Dubai, UAE – HubForward is excited to announce that they've officially registered their trademark, HubForward®. This isn't just paperwork it's a big step for a brand that's changing the way manufacturing and Industry 4.0 work.

As industry growth speeds up globally, HubForward is making a name for itself as a game-changer. This trademark proves the value of their brand and shows they're ready to keep leading with new ideas.

Dr. Abdenour, founder and CEO of HubForward, commented, "By getting the HubForward® trademark, we're not just marking our spot; we're building a strong foundation for our company's future. This helps protect our unique technologies and shows our dedication to improving the industry."

With this new trademark, HubForward is making it clear they're committed to their innovative technologies and aim to keep being a leader in industry change.

"HubForward is deeply rooted in innovation. Our trademark isn't just a sign; it's our commitment to continually challenge the norm and envision new possibilities in our field," stated Mr. Hyun Min Park, Co-Fouder and chief manufacturing officer of HubForward.

About HubForward:

HubForward is a multi-industry manufacturing platform that is designed to maximize efficiency, transparency, and reliability. With HubForward’s qualified partners, expert in-house team, and proprietary technology, innovation and manufacturing become better, faster, and easier. Our platform is designed to ensure that all your innovation and manufacturing needs are handled at competitive costs and lead times while guaranteeing IP protection, visibility, reliability, and quality.

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