On the sidelines of its participation in the 7th Egypt Energy Show (EGYPES 2024), Huawei signed a cooperation agreement with the Egyptian Maintenance Company (EMC), in the presence of Mr. Joey Ding, CEO of Huawei Egypt's Digital Power, and Eng. Khaled Ibrahim, Chairman & Managing Director of EMC to strengthen their strategic partnership in green information and communication technology solutions. The main objectives of this collaboration are to improve energy efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and contribute to Egypt's energy sector goals.

In line with the agreement, Huawei will provide integrated energy solutions, including low-carbon data centers, intelligent photovoltaic energy systems, and power supply management systems. Both companies have displayed a firm commitment to sustainability and a common goal of leveraging technology to enhance productivity and drive cost-efficiency.

It is worth nothing that Huawei is making significant efforts to integrate digital technologies and power electronics, aiming to provide sustainable and digitized solutions for the energy sector. Their focus revolves around five crucial areas, namely smart photovoltaic energy, data center infrastructure, electric vehicle power systems, on-site energy-saving networks, and integrated energy solutions. The company’s primary objective is to innovate clean energy solutions and enhance conventional energy efficiency through the utilization of digital technologies.