• Planning to tie up with partners in the Maintenance, Retrofit and Overhaul segment
  • Launches a managed channel partner programme

Dubai (UAE): Himel, a global manufacturer and provider of reliable and safe electrical products, has embarked on expanding to the rest of the Middle East and North Africa and is also planning to enter the retrofit/replacement market in the region.

“Historically, the UAE has been the key strategic location for the electrical vertical and it remains so for Himel as well. The country is an important destination for the brand owing to its emergence and booming tourism,” Shrinivas Chebbi, the global head of Himel Business, said on the sidelines of the recently concluded Middle East Energy 2023.

“UAE is a great example of where ambition is built and executed. We work very well with our strong channel network over here. A lot of our new products are being launched here with many new engagements made,” he said.

A number of ambitious plans are also in the works for the brand across the Gulf region. Himel has started operations in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is already establishing its partner and channel networks. Chebbi believes that Himel can scale at a very fast rate in the Kingdom since the brand builds strong collaborations with the market structure of the country and then joins hands with them.

“Himel stands as a champion and a leader known for its value engineering competencies and the ability to address the needs of the discerning customers in the emerging economies,” he said.

“We are introducing a lot of products in the solar energy segment which is really booming. We got a whole range of solar products, with which we can help companies or households configure quickly based on the solar installation, assemble and supply to customers,” he said.

Himel has got commercial grade, commercial scale, and home scale products. Each of them needs different kinds of connections for the solar PV panels and the invertors.

Himel is interested in tying up with partners in the MRO (maintenance, retrofit and overhaul) segment, he said and added: “We are launching a range of partner programmes. You need to have structured programme well crafted, the programme that reflects the needs, challenges of the partners. Then it must be able to address them, enable them, empower their deliveries so that they can scale up.”


About Himel

Himel is an award-winning global manufacturer and supplier of electric products for Voltage Power Distribution, Final Distribution, Power Management, Motor Control and Protection, Industrial Components, and Home Electric offers. With a footprint in 50+ countries, we are leaders in value-engineered electric products for residential, commercial, industrial, and utilities sectors. We value opportunities for all and provide the best combination of affordable and reliable offers to meet the demand for access to safe electricity.

Mrigaya Dham