Abu Dhabi: The newly launched brand Hayatna, offers an extensive dairy product portfolio, produced 100% in the UAE. This home-grown brand is under EFI (Emirates Food Industries), and with it, it aims to play a major role in UAE’s food security agenda, by contributing toward establishing the country as a world-leading hub in innovation-driven food security.

Currently, UAE dairy & beverages product market still relies on importing a major percentage of its supply chain. The brand aims to take this percentage remarkably lower from the current import and align it with the country’s goal of achieving a rate of 50% by 2051.

“Controlling and maintaining the supply chain is a key factor for us, especially with the current constraints towards food supplies. Our strategy and focus is to develop our capability through innovation and product development to ensure our viability in the UAE market and beyond. Also, strengthen and control over the complete value chain to ensure sustainable food supplies in the UAE.” Said Wasfi Kaso, CEO of EFI.

EFI has two farms and a factory operating in Al Ain, with a herd of over 6000 for yearly fresh milk production of more than 31 million liters. “As a locally-established operation, we guarantee to provide high-quality products, especially that we focus on home-grown products across our supply chain” added Kaso.

The product ranges of Hatatna include from flavored and non-flavoured fresh milk to international products like Pot Yogurt & Labaan, Chaas Lassi, Greek yoghurt, cream, spreadable cheese, and Mozzarella cheese.  

Amongst Hayatna’s unique offering, Hayatna offers our Ethnic products range, that is created to cater to the preferences and distinct flavor for a large consumer ethnic group. The dairy products are specially formulated based on popular taste and traditional values with a twist of modern interpretation.

The dairy products industry is one of the most competitive categories in the market. Having a value-addition is what will make the real difference for consumers. With their Dairy Farms and Local Production, Hayatna is aiming to provide the best quality products for UAE’s population so they can remarkably reduce the reliance on imports and make Hayatna everyone’s first choice.

Hayatna dairy products form the first step of launching a full range of high-quality products that will focus on health and well-being of consumers. Keeping in mind the strategy and regulations issued by the FSC of UAE.


About Emirates Food Industries

Emirates Food Industries (EFI) is one of the leading foods, dairy and agricultural companies in the UAE. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, EFI has extensive manufacturing, logistics and distribution operations across the UAE. It has diversified interests in the agricultural, animal feed, dairy and food sectors, and the Group consists of more than 10 companies. It plays a key role in the UAE Food Security Agenda.

The Group includes the following agribusinesses and companies:

  • National Feed and Flour Production and Marketing Co. (NFFPM), a leading animal feed producer and distributor.
  • National Dairy Factory (Hayatna)
  • National Dairy Farms (NDF) and Masaken Dairy Farms (MDF), two of the largest standalone dairy farms in the UAE.
  • National Bags Factory, a leading Polypropylene bags manufacturer.
  • Al Rawdah Veterinary Clinics (RVC)

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