Dubai, UAE: Luna PR, a distinguished Web3 public relations agency and consultancy, has introduced its Non-Executive Director (NED) program. This initiative is designed to infuse the organisation with the expertise of accomplished leaders, offering valuable guidance and insight. The initiation of this NED program marks a notable achievement for Luna PR and Luna Media Corporation. 

Joining the board is Mike Alexander, a prominent figure in global capital markets and web3 innovation with over 25 years of experience. As the Co-Founder and Director of BlockTrust, he drives web3 technology's transformative potential for brand-customer connections and innovative revenue models. Additionally, as the former CEO of Jefferies Asia and CEO of EOS VC/Senior Advisor at, he regulated $4 billion in web3 token sales and led a $1 billion venture capital fund, supporting numerous web3 startups while shaping the finance and tech landscape.

Abdulla Al Dhaheri, a Cyber Security Specialist from the Abu Dhabi Crisis & Management Center. Notably, Abdulla has made substantial contributions to these fields, which is reflected in his two patented blockchain inventions. His book, "Into the Future of Technologies," stands as a testament to his extensive knowledge and unwavering passion for technology.

Patrick Tsang, Chairman of Tsangs Group, a renowned family office based in Hong Kong, also joins the esteemed board. Patrick is also a qualified solicitor in Hong Kong, England, and Wales and a member of YPO Global One, Monaco Private Label Young Leaders, and The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Foundation World Fellowship.

David Namdar, General Partner at Coral Capital, and the co-founder of Kupa AI, is an accomplished investor and entrepreneur with over 15 years of international business and financial market experience. Namdar has been involved in strategy and advisory of dozens of firms, and has invested in hundreds of web3 and emerging tech companies. 

Giovanni Everduin, Head of Strategy & Innovation at Commercial Bank International (CBI). As an alumnus of Harvard Business School, he is responsible for building use cases for the future of banking at CBI, where he managed the implementation of cutting-edge Fintech partnerships, web3, AI and Metaverse strategies that significantly contributed to the Bank's achievement of multiple innovation awards and accolades.

"We hold our non-executive directors in high regard and acknowledge their substantial contributions to our organization. This program is designed to encourage collaboration and innovation, enabling their expertise to enhance our proficiency in media assistance." says Nikita Sachdev, CEO & Founder of Luna PR.

Luna PR aims to transform the blockchain landscape in collaboration with its esteemed NEDs. The partnership is expected to bring tailored strategies, influential networks, and exceptional media assistance, empowering clients to navigate advanced technologies in today's rapidly evolving digital realm.

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Luna PR is an award-winning public relations and marketing agency that has offices worldwide, with its headquarters located in Dubai. It was founded in 2017 and has since served prominent companies in the Web3, fintech, emerging tech, and gaming industries. The agency’s portfolio of clients spans startups to established multinational corporations. With a team of over 100 employees across 3 continents, Luna PR connects tomorrow’s technology with today’s audience.

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