Dubai, UAE: As the doors swing open on the first day of one of world’s key travel industry conferences, Arabian Travel Market 2024 (ATM), Gewan Hotels & Resorts (GHR), a subsidiary of Gewan Holding, is making waves with the grand unveiling of its latest accomplishments: managing three luxurious 5-star hotels and two hotel apartment complexes.

Marking a significant stride in its strategic expansion across the hospitality industry, Gewan Hotels & Resorts emerges as a symbol of innovation and excellence in the region's hospitality landscape. With this latest unveiling, GHR extends its reach beyond Abu Dhabi, with its property portfolio now embracing other emirates within the UAE.

Today’s announcement highlights the three new opulent five-star hotels, each ready to enchant and delight guests: Royal M Hotel by Gewan Abu Dhabi, Royal M Hotel by Gewan Fujairah, and the splendid Royal M Hotel by Gewan Al Aqah. Additionally, GHR proudly presents two new additions to its portfolio – The Uptown Hotel Apartments by Gewan Abu Dhabi and The Uptown Hotel Apartments by Gewan Fujairah, promising unparalleled comfort and luxury.

In a further development on day one of the conference, GHR reveals its ambitious plans for the future teasing the anticipation of new Gewan hotels set to grace the landscapes of North Africa, South Africa, and the wider Middle East. This consolidates its position as a frontrunner in the international hospitality industry.

Commenting on the launch of the new properties, Gewan Hotels & Resorts CEO, Ahmed Hassib, said: “I'm thrilled to announce the expansion of Gewan Hotels & Resorts with the introduction of our five newest hotel and hotel apartment properties at ATM 2024, one of the most significant events in the global travel industry. Today’s announcement marks a significant and strategic milestone in Gewan Hotels & Resorts’ pursuit of delivering new levels of excellence to our guests and foreshadows our ambition of continued expansion into exciting new destinations.”

“By offering unparalleled experiences in hospitality and comfort, we are committed to inspiring others and becoming a leader in the sector, which we will realize through consistently providing exceptional hotel and hotel apartment services,” he added.

Since its founding, in 2018, Gewan Hotels & Resorts has established a strong presence in the UAE capital Abu Dhabi, becoming known as a provider of high-end hospitality offerings and memorable hotel experiences. Today’s expansion into key resort destinations across the UAE, and with future plans announcing more properties to open in the MENA region and Africa, Gewan Hotels & Resorts is showing a distinct upward trajectory for its business growth through its rapidly expanding portfolio.

About Gewan Hotels & Resorts

Gewan Hotels & Resorts is dedicated to leading the hospitality sector and inspiring others by consistently providing exceptional hotel services. The company offers memorable experiences, and it strives to satisfy customers, guests, associates, partners, and owners by exceeding targeted goals. Focusing on diverse market segments, Gewan Hotels & Resorts is one of the industry's strongest independent hotel management companies.

About Arabian Travel Market (ATM)

Arabian Travel Market is the leading global event for the inbound and outbound travel industry in the Middle East and unites all travel sectors and verticals. ATM is for the true pioneers of progress in travel and tourism. It is a global platform that puts business on a fast-track to making meaningful connections, forging successful partnerships, and maximizing growth.