Considered one of the largest economies in the Middle East, and for its rich, diverse cultural history and breathtaking landscapes. Saudi Arabia is taking the forefront of constructive change and undergoing pragmatic economical, social, technological and development transformations across the entire country. 

Recent numbers released by the UN World Tourism Organization UNWTO, show that more than 18 million tourists visited Saudi Arabia in the last year ( 2022). 

Due to the complexity of Saudi’s diverse terrain and landscapes, certain transfer routes maybe less appealing for transfer providers to take. has entered into the market to help the Saudi MOT implement a successful strategic road map for transfers as well as ensure the safety of the drivers. One of the biggest problems in the mobility industry, is the high commission rates that the drivers pay for the companies they work for. This is the trigger that causes other problems such as bad customer service, hidden fees, high prices for transfers and simply the lack of motivation to cover far, remote routes.  is not only an e-platform service provider, but also examines market challenges to implement successful transport ecosystems and solutions, one beneficial for both parties.

Alexander Pershikov, the founder of the platform and travel mobility visionary states “Marketplaces like are helping the industry to overcome the transformation it is going through. We are ready to help to develop the local market and offer local drivers and passengers transparent, secured and well-priced transportation conditions. Our company is about drivers first, we build very personal relationships with clients and we do appreciate those who travel and work with us. Saudi Arabia is a country that attracts people from all over the globe and we will do our best to meet all their needs”.

Today, the marketplace is available in 180 countries and thousands of cities all over the globe. Expanding the client database every day by connecting drivers and passengers to the platform, becomes extremely popular among those who run transportation businesses. The locations with the highest demand for our services are traditional tourist destinations like the UAE, US, UK, and Portugal. Now it is increasing its presence in growing markets of Saudi Arabia since the region shows interest in demand for urgent rides and long-distance transfer services. is the largest global travel mobility marketplace for booking transfers and hourly renting cars with chauffeurs. The platform is expanding the taxi market by providing the best prices and fair conditions for our clients in 180 countries in more than 20 languages.