Dr. Kamal Al Hamad, the Secretary General of the GCC Commercial Arbitration Center, held discussions with Dr. Saad Ahmed Al Muhannadi, the President of Ashghal, the Public Works Authority of Qatar.

The focus of the meeting was on fostering collaborative efforts and ensuring coordination between the two entities in the field of commercial arbitration development.

The discussions encompassed the significance of commercial arbitration in addressing disputes related to contracts and assets, overseeing projects undertaken by the Authority, offering legal counsel across various aspects of its operations, including the Arbitration Law and its implementing regulations.

Additionally, the meeting touched upon the initiative to enhance expertise within the Authority by conducting training and qualification programs for its personnel in the field of commercial arbitration. The goal is to enhance the skills of the Authority's employees and contribute to their professional development in this area.

Emphasizing the significance of instilling a culture of commercial arbitration within the community, Dr. Kamal Al Hamad, the Secretary General of the Center, highlighted the need for organizing seminars, conferences, and awareness events. These initiatives aim to expedite the resolution of contract-related disputes, ensure timely project completion, and enhance the quality of services provided by the Authority, with the aim of focusing on achieving fair and effective dispute resolution.

Dr. Al-Hamad also underscored the significance of sharing experiences and knowledge with other regional and international bodies dedicated to commercial arbitration to integrate efforts, fostering continuous development and improvement of practices and laws in this domain. This collaborative approach seeks to boost confidence in alternative solutions for settling commercial disputes.

Dr. Al-Hamad stressed the significance of strengthening ties with institutions involved in commercial arbitration and jointly working to enhance the capabilities and efficiency of the center. Such efforts are seen as crucial in supporting the investment environment, promoting economic growth and prosperity in the region. Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of fostering integration and cultural and scientific exchange between the center and the authority, contributing to the development of skills and competencies in the field.


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