The GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre convened a meeting between Dr. Kamal Al-Hamad, the Centre's Secretary General, and Dr. Hashim Al-Sayed, the Chairman of the Qatar Association of Certified Public Accountants (QCPA).

During the meeting, the focus was on bolstering collaboration between the Centre and the QCPA in the field of commercial arbitration. This includes the exchange of experiences, joint efforts in crafting training programs and specialized seminars, as well as fostering awareness about the efficacy of commercial arbitration in resolving business disputes.

Emphasizing the commitment of the GCC Commercial Arbitration Centre to advancing cooperation with the Qatar Association of Certified Public Accountants, Dr. Kamal Al Hamad underscored the significance of sharing expertise, knowledge, and capabilities. The goal is to boost awareness regarding the significance of commercial arbitration. He stated, "This meeting is part of our ongoing endeavors to enhance and cultivate arbitration capabilities in the region and fostering collaborative efforts for the development and economic stability of the GCC countries as a whole."

Dr. Al Hamad added: "We are dedicated to fostering expertise and refining competencies in the field of arbitration, with a focus on enhancing the legal infrastructure for resolving commercial disputes throughout the Gulf states. Our goal is to establish strategic partnerships with relevant institutions, aiming to position commercial arbitration as a reliable and effective tool for ensuring justice. This initiative is designed to not only bolster the investment climate but also to sustain and promote growth across all levels in these nations.,"


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