Dhahran, Saudi Arabia: Front End, a leader in the integration of advanced technology across sectors, is set to captivate audiences at the International Petroleum Technology Conference (IPTC) 2024, taking place February 12–14 in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. The focal point of their participation will be their cutting-edge autonomous aerial vehicles (AAVs) by Ehang on display at booth 6140, that aim to revolutionize various sectors, including tourism through passenger transport, logistics, and civil defense by enhancing firefighting operations.

Aligned with the visionary goals of Saudi Vision 2030, Front End plays a key role by introducing its Ehang autonomous aerial vehicles throughout Saudi Arabia, a strategic move that positions the Kingdom as a global catalyst to the paradigm shift in autonomous aerial vehicles and the future of air mobility.

Majid Alghaslan, Chairman and CEO, Front End Limited Company emphasized the company's commitment to spearheading the future of air mobility saying, “Our participation at IPTC 2024 signifies a transformative moment in our journey to bring groundbreaking technology to air transportation, logistics, and public safety. We are determined to redefine how people and goods move, not only within the Kingdom but also on a global scale.”

Adding to their list of benefits, these AAVs are also set to significantly enhance safety and reduce operational costs for offshore platforms and rigs in oil & gas fields. By minimizing the need for flights and operations that can be autonomously conducted, these vehicles promise to improve safety measures and cut down expenses associated with traditional methods. Their capability to deliver goods to ships offshore presents a cost-effective alternative to conventional supply chain logistics, marking a significant advancement in operational efficiency and safety in maritime activities.

Front End's autonomous aerial vehicles and other autonomous technologies set new industry standards, and their capabilities will be on full display at the event. These AAVs promise to offer game-changing mobility solutions with their advanced air-corridor navigation technology and traffic control systems. Equipped with state-of-the-art features, they also boast unparalleled safety features and operational efficiency.

Front End's commitment to innovation extends to the heart of Saudi Arabia's civil defense and public safety sectors. These autonomous aerial vehicles are poised to play a pivotal role in enhancing surveillance, emergency response, and disaster management capabilities as well. By showcasing their AAVs at the IPTC 2024, Front End is not only demonstrating their progressive technology but also reaffirming Saudi Arabia's position as a leader in the global race for autonomous air mobility solutions.

About Front End

Front End, a visionary leader and fully Saudi-owned enterprise, is at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions across critical sectors such as industry, mining, energy, and logistics. Our mission aligns with national efforts to diversify the economy and stimulate sustainable development, focusing on harnessing the dynamic market potential within Saudi Arabia and beyond. By providing customized solutions that ensure rapid scalability and exceptional operational efficiency, we support the kingdom's strategic objectives for economic expansion and technological advancement. Committed to driving innovation and digital transformation, we prioritize a customer-first approach to create significant value across various industries. At Front End, we champion innovation, agility, and the cultivation of meaningful entrepreneurial partnerships, consistently striving for excellence in every venture.