Abu Dhabi, UAE – If you're driving in Abu Dhabi, it's hard to miss the vibrant digital billboards commissioned by UAE-based gifting company, FNP.ae.

The FNP.ae ads light up key roads across Abu Dhabi, captivating the attention of thousands of commuters and passersby every day. Over the past two months, these eye-catching billboards have become a hit, serving as timely reminders to celebrate and cherish our loved ones with thoughtful gifts for every occasion.

Capturing hearts with every passing car.

FNP.ae’s digital billboards feature dynamic messages that flash through an average of 2,000 times each day, standing out with their rich content and clever messages. “Thousands of Gifts, Millions of Emotions” and “Happier Birthdays with FNP Gifts” bring the joy of gifting to life, while “Superheroes Need Gifts Too” and “The Taste of Eid in Every Grain” highlight special occasions like Fathwrs’ Day and other special gifting occasions.

FNP.ae’s creative executions have always been a hallmark of the brand. Placing the billboards on strategic highways across Abu Dhabi ensures maximum visibility and engagement, continually refreshing the messages to keep them interesting and relevant.

Strategic locations for maximum impact.

Placed strategically on key roads throughout Abu Dhabi, these digital billboards ensure maximum visibility and engagement. Whether you are commuting to work or exploring the city, these eye-catching billboards will remind you of the perfect gift for your loved ones and the importance of thoughtful gestures in today’s fast-paced world.

UAE’s leading gifting company FNP.ae was in the news last year too, for their creative advertising strategies. They were widely noticed for their campaign during the T20 World Cup which featured more than 50 different creative executions and led to their online traffic going up by over 36%. The Sheikh Zayed Road billboards also proved effective in driving recall and web traffic. The brand reported another double-digit percentage increase in web and app traffic after the campaign started early last year.

CEO's Message

"At FNP.ae, we believe in the power of thoughtful gifting to bring joy and strengthen connections. Our dynamic digital billboards in Abu Dhabi are a testament to this belief, serving as daily reminders of the joy and warmth that a perfect gift can bring. We are excited to engage with the vibrant community of Abu Dhabi and make every occasion special," says Rajesh Kumar, CEO of GCC and SEA regions at FNP.

“As a company, we are very performance and numbers-driven. While we know that the impact of brand-building is over the long-term, we were very happy to see the results of our innovative campaign on Sheikh Zayed Road last year,” said Rajesh Kumar. "Doing multiple creative executions has been a hallmark of FNP.ae. Given that over 500,000 people cross these billboards every day in both directions, we believe it is a smart move to continually refresh the messages and keep them interesting, instead of doing static billboards that are not noticed as much and blend into urban cityscape."

This outdoor campaigns are all planned and executed by FNP’s brand and media advertising firm Pinstorm. Pinstorm is one of Asia’s more acclaimed independent marketing firms, with offices in UAE, Netherlands, Singapore, India and Nepal. Pinstorm was founded by Mahesh Murthy, who won fame for launching the original Amazon.com and Yahoo globally. Pinstorm pioneered ‘pay for performance’ advertising two decades ago and is unique in not separating the media and creative functions for a client’s needs - but integrating them for more impact.

Yalla habibi, time for a drive around Abu Dhabi!

For those who have missed seeing the LED billboards, here are some of the interesting ads with a few useful messages:

  • The World's Leading Gifting Firm. Now in Abu Dhabi:
  • Thousands of Gifts, Millions of Emotions
  • Happier Birthdays with FNP Gifts
  • Superheroes Need Gifts Too
  • The Taste of Eid in Every Grain
  • It’s World’s Mother's Day on May 12. Time to say thanks.

About FNP.ae

FNP.ae is dedicated to making every occasion memorable with its wide range of gifts, including flowers, cakes, personalised items, and more. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has made us the preferred choice for gifting in the UAE. Experience the joy of giving with FNP.ae. Visit our website to explore our latest collections and take advantage of our convenient online shopping experience.

Visit www.fnp.ae to discover the full range of gifts and make every occasion unforgettable.

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