Dubai, UAE – Fanfix is a leading exclusive clean content platform that empowers creators to pursue their passion and connect with fans on a new creator and fan interactive experience. Following its tremendous success in Los Angeles, USA, with Harry Gestetner, Simon Pompan, and Cameron Dallas at the helm, and with over seven million creators worldwide and an eight-figure deal with SuperOrdinary, the brand now sets foot in the MENA region’s thriving creator economy to revolutionize the way content is created, consumed, and monetized.

Fanfix is brand-friendly and prioritizes the safety and security of its creators and users. Through proactive content moderation and a robust community reporting system, Fanfix maintains a welcoming environment that is suitable for all ages and fosters inclusivity. This ensures that creators thrive, and users confidently engage and enjoy exclusive content by their favorite creators.

Recognizing the immense talent and potential of content creators in the region, Fanfix MENA is committed to providing them with the necessary tools and support to flourish in their respective content fields; fashion, music, beauty, gaming, and much more. It has become the go-to platform for beauty and lifestyle influencers in the region, with over 15 influencers including Model Roz and Summer Bujsaim who have surpassed six figures cumulatively in their monthly earnings, and continues to diversify its portfolio. 

Ally Salama, Director of Fanfix MENA, commented saying, “The creator economy is a $250 billion market, with much of it still untapped. We are on the cusp of witnessing the most significant paradigm shift across the UAE and KSA within the MENA creator economy, as countries adopt innovative ways to harness the power of the internet and community building over the next five years.”

Fanfix uses a web-based application accessible across all browsers, supporting all types of content under 13+ content guidelines. To receive an invitation to join the platform, individuals must be over 18 years and have a minimum of 10,000 followers across all social media platforms. The application process happens through the Fanfix official website, which then goes through an internal review process. Upon approval by the Fanfix team, creators are contacted and, after verification, can begin publishing content and promoting their activated profile. Furthermore, creators can set their subscription and Tip-to-DM prices, allowing them to earn based on their unique value proposition. Creators retain 80% of their earnings, while Fanfix holds 20% to cover operational expenses and maintain the platform's functionality. 

The platform also offers subscriber count and daily revenue insights to all creators to better understand their audiences. Fanfix also has a regional success team that works one-on-one with creators to ensure their launch strategies effectively engage with their top fans worldwide to ensure the continued success it has amassed over the past year of operating the business.

With exciting growth plans for the region, including launching a live-streaming feature allowing creators to stream content live within their exclusive communities, Fanfix continues improving creator and fan experiences by pioneering a new medium for fan and creator interactions.

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About Fanfix:

Fanfix is a leading clean content creation platform that empowers creators to pursue their passion and connect with fans on a new level. It places great importance on being brand-friendly, ensuring a secure and safe environment for all users. By prioritizing the thriving of creators, users can fully engage and delight in the exclusive content crafted by their favorite creators.

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