• The institutional book-building process saw total orders of SAR 341 billion from local, regional and international investors and the institutional offering was 119 times oversubscribed
  • The subscription period for individual Investors starts on Tuesday 21 May 2024G and ends on Wednesday 22 May 2024G

Dr Soliman Abdel Kader Fakeeh Hospital Company (the “Company”), and its subsidiaries hereafter referred to as “Fakeeh Care Group”, “FCG”, or the “Group”, one of Saudi Arabia’s premier integrated providers of high-quality healthcare, trusted by millions of families for more than four decades, announces the successful completion of the institutional book building period for Participating Parties and the determination of the final offer price (the “Final Offer Price”) for its initial public offering (the “IPO” or the “Offering”).

The Final Offer Price has been set at SAR 57.5 per share, which is at the top end of the previously announced price range for the IPO. The Final Offer Price implies a market capitalization of the Company at listing of SAR 13.3 billion (US$ 3.6 billion), with the Offering raising gross proceeds of SAR 2.9 billion for the Company and the Selling Shareholders.

The institutional book building process was highly successful, drawing total orders of SAR 341 billion from a diverse mix of investors from Saudi Arabia, the GCC and around the world.

Dr Mazen Soliman Fakeeh, President of Fakeeh Care Group, said:

“We are delighted with the demand from institutional investors for Fakeeh Care Group’s IPO. The incredibly warm response from the market is a testament to the Group’s position as one of Saudi Arabia’s leading integrated healthcare providers. Looking ahead, we are very excited about the future, leveraging our integrated healthcare model, well-established academic roots and utilization of advanced technologies to play a key role in Saudi Arabia’s growth trajectory for decades to come.”

The subscription period for retail investors that qualify as Individual Investors as defined in the Prospectus starts on Tuesday 21 May 2024G and ends on Wednesday 22 May 2024G. Final allocations will be announced on 27 May 2024G, with any refunds of excess subscription monies to be made by 4 June 2024G. Trading of the Company’s shares on the Saudi Exchange is expected to commence after the fulfillment of all relevant statutory requirements.

Offer Details

  • The Final Offer Price for the Offering has been set at SAR 57.5 per share, implying a market capitalization at listing of SAR 13.3 billion (US$ 3.6 billion).
  • The total size of the Offering is SAR 2.9 billion (US$ 764 million).
  • The Offer Shares will be listed and traded on the Saudi Exchange’s Main Market following the completion of the IPO and listing formalities with the CMA and the Saudi Exchange, with the date to be announced at a later stage.
  • The Offering comprises 49,800,000 ordinary shares, representing 21.47% of the Company’s issued share capital (after the capital increase), by way of the issuance of 30,000,000 new Ordinary Shares (the “New Shares”) and the sale of 19,800,000 existing Ordinary Shares (the “Sale Shares”) by the Company’s Selling Shareholders (collectively, the New Shares and the Sale Shares represent the “Offer Shares”).
  • 100% of the Offer Shares have been initially allocated to the Participating Parties that took part in the institutional book building process. In the event that Individual Investors subscribe for the Offer Shares allocated thereto, the Financial Advisor, in coordination with the Company, shall have the right to reduce the number of Offer Shares allocated to Participating Parties to 44,820,000 shares, representing 90% of the Offer Shares, The final number of Offer Shares allocated to the Participating Parties will be clawed back accordingly based on subscriptions from Individual Investors, provided that such claw-back does not apply to the cornerstone investors (being three million shares) in any event. Accordingly, 41,820,000 Offer Shares will be allocated to Participating Parties excluding the Offer Shares allocated to the cornerstone investors and Individual Investors
  • Following completion of the Offering, the net proceeds of the Sale Shares will be distributed to the Selling Shareholders on a pro-rata basis, based on their respective ownership percentage of the Sale Shares, and the net proceeds of the New Shares will be paid to and used by the Company to finance its growth strategy and for general corporate purposes.
  • With respect to the Offering, the Company has appointed:
    • HSBC Saudi Arabia as Sole Financial Advisor, Joint Bookrunner, Underwriter and Lead Manager.
    • anb capital and EFG Hermes KSA as Joint Bookrunners and Underwriters.
    • Alrajhi Bank, Saudi National Bank, Arab National Bank, Saudi Awwal Bank (SAB), Alinma Bank and Bank Aljazira have been appointed as Receiving Agents for retail investors.
    • Moelis & Company Saudi Limited (“Moelis”) has been appointed as Selling Shareholders’ Advisor. 


HSBC Saudi Arabia, Sole Financial Advisor, Joint Bookrunner, Underwriter and Lead Manager to Fakeeh Care Group
Mohammed Fannouch – Managing Director, Co-Head of Investment Banking
Ramez Halazun – Director, Investment Banking

anb capital, Joint Bookrunner and Underwriter
Khalid Al Ghamdi – CEO
Usman Khalid – Head of Investment Banking

EFG Hermes KSA, Joint Bookrunner and Underwriter
Saud Altassan – CEO, KSA
Abdullah Silsilah – Director IB

Moelis & Company Saudi Limited, Advisor to the Selling Shareholders
Moaath Alangari – Executive Director, Head of Saudi Arabia
Amit Kumar – Head of Arranging

Brunswick Group, Communications Advisor to Fakeeh Care Group
Jade Mamarbachi, Partner
Tariq Al Buhosi, Partner – Head of Riyadh Office

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