• Easy to use system draws from the most up-to-date source of requirements to ensure passengers are equipped with the right documents.

Abu Dhabi, UAE – Etihad Airways has launched an innovative online chat feature designed to ensure its guests have the latest accurate information on the documents they need before they travel.

The system can be accessed through the airline’s online chat feature on etihad.com, found in the ‘Get In Touch’ section of the Help page. Simply choose the Travel Guidelines and Transit Information in the chat’s menu option. This guides customers through a series of questions and then lists the visa, ticket and travel documents they need, along with any other requirements.

John Wright, Etihad’s Chief Operations and Guest Officer, said: "We know how important it is for our guests to feel assured that they have the right documents for their journey ahead of travel.

“This online feature is fed automatically by the very latest information supplied by IATA’s Timatic solution, which is the world-leader in providing real-time information on travel document requirements for international air travel, relied on by the travel industry and government authorities worldwide.”

Frederic Leger, IATA’s Senior Vice President Products and Services, said: “Helping guests prepare for their journey is a key element for a smooth travel experience and regulatory compliance.

“Etihad’s initiative to provide visa information via chatbot opens a further channel for passengers to check their travel requirements and supports the automation of the travel experience. IATA is proud to enable and assist this great initiative through its new Timatic AutoCheck.”

The introduction of the automated feature relieves the need for guests to invest valuable time scouring the internet or contacting customer service centers to confirm their travel documentation requirements.


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