Riyadh, Saudi Arabia:– The “Saudi Insurance”, through its Media & Insurance Awareness Sub-Committee, in collaboration with the “Financial Academy”, successfully organized a comprehensive "Insurance Industry for Media Community" training course. Held on Sunday and Monday, May 26th and 27th, at the Financial Academy head office in King Abdullah Financial District (KAFD) in Riyadh, the training course was targeted at journalists, reporters, editors, TV and radio presenters, and media professionals interested in covering the Saudi insurance market news.

The training course, led by Adel Al-Eisa, Head of the Media & Insurance Awareness Sub-Committee, covered a variety of essential topics. These included the definition and types of risks, the importance of insurance, different types of insurance products, governance in insurance and fraud prevention, and the roles of regulatory bodies in the Saudi insurance industry, including the Insurance Authority.

Adel Al-Eisa commented on the event: "The media plays a crucial role in educating the public about the importance and benefits of insurance. Our goal with these training courses is to equip media professionals with the knowledge they need to accurately and effectively communicate the intricacies of the insurance industry to their audiences."

The Chief of Capabilities Development at the Financial Academy, Mohammed Alhamazany, expressed the Academy’s pride in participating in this initiative for the sixth year in a row in cooperation with the Media & Insurance Awareness Sub-Committee. “Enhancing understanding of insurance among media professionals is vital to enhancing transparency and trust in this key sector,” he said.

He added: “The "Insurance Industry for Media Community" training course forms part of a broader effort that began five years ago, as the Media & Insurance Awareness Sub-Committee organized several training courses within the framework of the program in different cities in Saudi Arabia to ensure widespread participation. The next training course is scheduled to be held soon in another region of the Kingdom, continuing the mission of educating and enhancing knowledge of the media community, thus enhancing the overall quality and accuracy of news coverage related to Saudi insurance sector news.

Alhamazany pointed out that the positive results achieved through these courses are in line with the Academy’s objectives in raising the degree of education and awareness among various segments of society regarding economic, financial, and banking concepts, especially with regard to those affiliated with the press and media outlets for their great and influential role in shaping public opinion.

He added: “The Financial Academy follows a comprehensive strategy that aims to enhance the financial capabilities of workers in various sectors by providing specialized and diverse training programs. Our strategy includes developing innovative curricula based on the latest developments in the financial field, and providing an interactive educational environment that supports continuous learning. We are also working on building partnerships with local and international institutions to enhance the exchange of knowledge and expertise, ensuring the highest levels of efficiency and professionalism in the financial sector.”

The Saudi Insurance remains committed to fostering a deeper understanding of the insurance sector among media professionals, thereby enhancing the overall quality and accuracy of insurance-related news coverage.