• The bank’s employees Annual Sohour for Ramadan 2024 was strategically organized to eliminate food waste.

Cairo, Egypt: Emirates NBD Egypt reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to social responsibility during Ramadan by organizing several community development initiatives in collaboration with prominent charitable organizations. These initiatives, which encompassed donating, packing, and distributing thousands of Ramadan boxes, as well as volunteering in various events, underscore the bank's dedication to fostering social solidarity and improving the quality of life for those in need.

Recognizing the significance of these efforts in enhancing community well-being, Emirates NBD Egypt packed a total of 3,900 Ramadan boxes through six charitable events and distributed them across Beheira, Al-Sharqia and Al-Fayoum governorates. These included contributing with 1,500 boxes to the “Al Manfaz... Kol Youm Hekaya” initiative and 1,400 boxes with Sonaa El Khair Foundation. Additionally, the bank collaborated with Tahya Misr, donating 1,000 Ramadan boxes to support families in need throughout the Holy Month. Furthermore, the bank’s employees and their families engaged in volunteer work with Misr El Kheir Foundation, reflecting their dedication to community development.

Dr. Amgad Doma, Chief Strategy and Sustainability Officer at Emirates NBD Egypt, stated: “At Emirates NBD Egypt, we recognize the paramount importance of consistent social solidarity not only during Ramadan to foster a positive societal impact while promoting the ethos of volunteerism. As such, we diligently seek out partnerships with organizations that share our steadfast dedication to achieve the sustainable development goals and Egypt vision 2023 in alignment with the strategic vision of the bank.”

He elaborated: "Throughout Ramadan, we strategically enhance our collaboration with esteemed charitable partners such as “Tahya Misr”, “Sonaa El Khair”, “Misr El Kheir”, “Al Manfaz” and “Egyptian Food Bank”. Our collective aim is to spread the virtues of compassion and active engagement, extending assistance to the most vulnerable families across the country. We extend our heartfelt appreciation for their invaluable support in realizing the bank’s strategic initiatives aimed at forging societal sustainability."

Mira Youssef, Marketing & Corporate Communications Director at Emirates NBD Egypt, emphasized, " Our unwavering commitment remains as we continue to implement initiatives aimed at creating a tangible impact in society. Additionally, we are dedicated to environmental sustainability, which is why we continuously conduct initiatives in this matter, such as our recent celebration of International Waste Day by launching an initiative to minimize food waste, thereby creating a positive impact and reducing carbon emissions”.

In alignment with its dedication to implementing environmental sustainability standards reducing carbon emissions, Emirates NBD Egypt’s employees annual Sohour for Ramadan 2024 was strategically planned to eliminate food waste. The initiative involved donating meals to families in need in collaboration with Egyptian Food Bank and recycling leftover food to produce 100 kilograms of fertilizers in partnership with Outgreens. This endeavor aims to enhance soil quality and productivity while mitigating carbon emissions resulting from food waste.