Meydan, Dubai, UAE - Leading International Off-Plan Property Consultancy LH1 Global, has been appointed to deliver the international sales and marketing for The Sail, an iconic mixed-use development in Melaka, Malaysia. The award-winning firm behind The Sail, Sheng Tai International is one of Asia’s most prominent developers and has established this strategic partnership to utilise LH1 Global’s extensive worldwide reach for the upcoming launch of M Tower.

The partnership between LH1 Global and Sheng Tai International will ensure the seamless sales delivery and marketing for this revolutionary combination of prime homes and hotel suites to international property investors. The development will also consist of retail areas, and commercial space including the first Duty Free Zone for the region. LH1 Global’s first focus will be a series of International Agent launches “by invitation only” commencing in Dubai in April 2024.

The international release of prime units within The Sail is an exceptional opportunity for discerning investors to be part of history in the making by investing in one of the most iconic buildings in the world.

The Sail is a ten-year build programme where the investor will receive a blended return of 7% net yield along with a “Buy Back” option at the end giving comfort of a predetermined exit strategy.

Rayna Hunter, CEO of LH1 Global, commented: “This is an exciting opportunity to bring one of the most highly anticipated luxury developments onto the world stage. Our unique business model has seen us handle the entire sales process for some incredible developments, but

The Sail will truly be one of the world’s most recognisable buildings, so this is a special challenge.

“It is a pleasure to represent the esteemed Sheng Tai International and specifically Sheng Tai’s Founder, Dato’ Leong, who is an inspiring and visionary figure and someone we are looking forward to working with closely.”

Dato’ Leong, Founder, Chairman and Group President/CEO of Sheng Tai International, said: “We are delighted to appoint LH1 Global as our lead international agent for The Sail, which is not only set to transform Melaka, but put Malaysia on the world map. This is an inspirational building that has already attracted the attention of global celebrities and figureheads and we are excited for LH1 Global to engage with international investors that will benefit greatly from getting on board with the project at this early stage.”

The Sail, reaching 325 metres at its tallest point, will be larger than the Burj Al Arab and as high as the Eiffel Tower, and with 9 linked towers resembling a majestic ship fleet will make it one of the most recognisable buildings in the world. Set within a highly desirable seafront destination in Melaka, just 92 miles south east of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital, The Sail will become the jewel in the crown of South East Asia and the centrepiece of the country’s growing tourism industry, with Melaka fifth on a list of the world’s trendiest holiday destinations.

Upon completion, The Sail will break records, with the world’s longest infinity pool and highest suspension viewing deck. The breath-taking luxury complex will showcase a magnificent multiplicity of unrivalled features for residents to indulge in, including a 6-star hotel, its very own spectacular high-street, an exquisite shopping mall with access to an array of luxury brands, an awe-inspiring events hall and a grandiose sky garden.

Situated on the Melaka Straights, the second busiest shipping lane in the world, The Sail is set within a 26-acre site, however, it expands across a larger plot of 126 acres, which is one of south east Asia’s largest regeneration projects known as ‘The City of Hope’.

The City of Hope will be home to the new central business district, enhanced port improvements, high-end new homes, technology parks, with a focus on fashion, wellness, artificial intelligence (AI), arts and culture – transforming Melaka into an international city and melting pot. This extraordinary project directly alongside The Sail opens a once in a lifetime investment opportunity for discerning investors looking to buy into the project at this early stage.   

The Sail is a celebration of the continuing growth of the country of Malaysia and the diversified developers Sheng Tai International have received worldwide acclaim and recognition for their previous high-profile projects.

Known as the "white knight" in the real estate space, Sheng Tai International has a track record of saving abandoned projects and protecting the interests of investors. They've been buying up properties left behind by previous developers and turning them into beautiful, profitable spaces.

LH1 Global is set to embark on the international launch of The Sail, with the global rollout set to begin in Q2 2024. The first building to launch is M Tower, where prices start from £209,090 (RM 1,233,633).

For further information visit www.LH1.Global or contact:
Tel: 0207 129 7900
Email: TheSail@LH1.Global