Riyadh, KSA: Amidst the dynamic landscape of KSA's industries, Dsquares emerges as the premier provider of loyalty and rewards solutions. With meticulous precision, the company delivers custom-tailored loyalty programs that cater to the distinct requirements of diverse sectors. The symbiotic partnership between Dsquares and industry powerhouses in Saudi Arabia yields an array of comprehensive, state-of-the-art solutions, guaranteeing streamlined onboarding processes, unwavering ongoing support, and the seamless management of expansive alliances. This collaborative strength is further enhanced by Dsquares' data-centric approach, which not only helps businesses comprehend and engage their customers but also fosters their growth. This synergy with industry pioneers positions the thriving company at the forefront of transforming loyalty programs in the KSA market.

Building momentum, the relocation of Dsquares' GCC head office to KSA represented more than a change of location; it marked a strategic realignment that solidified Dsquares' alignment with the objectives of its KSA partners. With a vast network of merchants in KSA and partnerships with industry giants such as Al Rajhi Bank, STC, Pepsi, Lays, Sadafco, and Al Safi Danone, Dsquares reaffirms its commitment to reshaping loyalty programs and underscores its resolve to revolutionize customer experiences within the regional landscape.

As a part of Dsquares dispatching in KSA, the leading organization participated in the highly significant Seamless KSA 2023 event, which took place on September 4th and 5th in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Following a resounding impact in the previous year, Dsquares was primed to captivate industry leaders anew, delivering unique insights meticulously tailored to the intricacies of the Saudi Arabian market.

Seamless KSA, the vanguard of innovation across banking, telecom, retail, payments, and fintech sectors, served as a link for thought leaders, trendsetters, and solution providers. The event shared a dynamic platform with Dsquares, fostering ideation, knowledge exchange, and collaborations that shaped the future of industries.

Dsquares' active engagement at Seamless KSA continues to drive innovation, foster customer loyalty, and empower partners to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of loyalty and reward programs.


About Dsquares

Dsquares is the premier provider of B2B loyalty and incentives solutions, serving Fortune 500 firms, multinational corporations, and worldwide conglomerates. Dsquares, which promises to create loyalty, provides end-to-end loyalty programs, and manages all aspects of loyalty administration. Clients throughout Africa, the Gulf Cooperation Council, and Eastern Europe can access their solutions. Dsquares' skills include the ability to loyalize, engage, reward, and evaluate, as well as competence in establishing loyalty programs for diverse industries.

Visit www.dsquares.com to find out more about Dsquares and their innovative loyalty solutions.