Dubai – Dandelion International Diplomatic Business Club is making its presence felt in Dubai by opening its UAE chapter in the city. The grand opening will take place in an invitees-only event to be held at Belcanto Restaurant at Dubai Opera on September 21, 2023.

A closed gathering for about 120 selected invitees, the opening ceremony is expected to be attended by a number of high-profile guests including consuls, ambassadors, politicians, investors, entrepreneurs and innovation leaders from different countries. The countries of origin of this elite group of guests ranges from the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Morocco, Egypt to Singapore, India, Nigeria, Cameroon and many more.

Dandelion is a highly selective platform that seeks to spark innovation and promote greater cooperation in the global business community. Dandelion members are either invited by the Club’s management or recommended by existing members, and enjoy a host of exclusive services geared towards international business development, starting from business and investment consulting to legal and accounting services, banking and cryptocurrency services to a startup incubator and even an insurance fund to cover business risks.

In the words of Dr. Dmitry Zaytsev, the Founder and the moving spirit of the Club, “Dandelion is all about big ideas. It is a carefully designed, no-nonsense meeting ground for the best minds in business.”

Dandelion Co-founder and reputed author Sergey Dvoryanov added, “There’s a reason we call ourselves Dandelion: we want to birth ideas that will spread all over and transform the world.”

The Club expects to cover 50 countries in the near term, and its future initiatives include a Spiritual Platform for opinion leaders, a global automotive rally and an investment platform.

About Dandelion International Diplomatic Business Club

The Club represents a platform aimed at the development and support of our members' businesses through service and partnership programs operating in different countries. Dandelion is an ecosystem of business partners united by the idea of development and social partnership.


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