Manama, Bahrain:  CTM360, a renowned global leader in Digital Risk Protection, announces the launch of an innovative feature in its HackerView platform for Continuous Threat Exposure Management called "DeepScan." This exciting addition enhances HackerView's capabilities to perform intelligent, active, and non-intrusive checks on internet-facing technologies to identify the existence of known vulnerabilities.

DeepScan is seamlessly integrated as an add-on to the existing HackerView platform, providing users with an extended range of security checks with validation. This module empowers organizations to detect a diverse spectrum of security threats, including high-risk CVEs, misconfigurations, and exposures that are applicable to their technologies across the external attack surface.

Unlike conventional security scans, DeepScan's checks are conducted based on a contextual basis across technologies discovered on digital assets. It ensures a comprehensive assessment tailored to the unique characteristics of an organization’s unique digital footprint. 

Key Features of DeepScan:
1: Detects high-risk CVEs exploited in the wild.
2: Identifies technology-specific misconfigurations and exposures.
3: Conducts active, non-intrusive checks intelligently, preserving system integrity.

On the release of the DeepScan tool, the Director at CTM360 Arsalan Iqbal stated, "We recognize that the conventional point-in-time penetration testing model is, at times, lagging behind today's dynamic cybersecurity challenges. DEEPSCAN is our answer to this challenge, offering continuous checks that significantly enhances the effectiveness of security programs." 

To showcase the key features of DeepScan, CTM360 will be hosting an online walkthrough webinar. Participants will have the opportunity to gain insights into the module's functionalities/ use and how it can be leveraged to bolster their organization's security defenses. The webinar details will be shared soon.

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