JAKARTA, INDONESIA - CTM360, a renowned global leader in Digital Risk Protection (DRP), marked a new milestone by entering the Indonesian market through its participation in IndoSec 2023, the country's premier cybersecurity event. This strategic move allowed CTM360 to showcase its innovative consolidated security platform, taking a significant leap forward in expanding its presence in the region.

IndoSec 2023, held on August 29th & 30th, provided CTM360 with an exceptional opportunity to exhibit its comprehensive Digital Risk Protection Platform. The event drew the attention of attendees and industry experts, who were deeply engaged with CTM360's offerings. Through insightful discussions, CTM360 shared new perspectives with cybersecurity enthusiasts, professionals, and organizations on the necessary tools and expertise to strengthen their digital defenses effectively.

A highlight of CTM360's offering at IndoSec 2023 was its proprietary automated takedown system, setting the company apart as a global leader in providing unlimited takedowns to customers and effectively enhancing their security and resilience.

CTM360's CEO and founder, Mirza Asrar, conveyed his excitement on IndoSec 2023, emphasizing the value of engaging with Indonesia's dynamic cybersecurity community. He expressed, "Participating in IndoSec 2023 provided us with an incredible opportunity to present our expertise and innovative solutions that can effectively strengthen entities in today's rapidly changing digital landscape by making them a harder target."

Sharing his thoughts on the event, Rohan Speldewinde, CTM360's Ambassador for the ASEAN region, described IndoSec23 as a highly productive and rewarding experience. As a first-time exhibitor, the event exceeded expectations, providing an opportunity to connect with thought leaders in Indonesian cybersecurity. Rohan stated, "We had the pleasure of meeting seasoned cybersecurity experts and bright, forward-thinking young individuals at IndoSec23. The entire cybersecurity community in Indonesia left a lasting impression on us. It was particularly encouraging to witness the strong synergy between our solutions and Indonesia's cybersecurity objectives, positioning us at the forefront of this dynamic industry."

CTM360 extends its sincere gratitude to all IndoSec 2023 attendees, industry professionals, and potential partners who visited their booth and engaged in productive discussions. The event has strengthened CTM360's resolve to continue pioneering cybersecurity excellence.

About CTM360:

CTM360 is a unified external security platform that integrates External Attack Surface Management, Digital Risk Protection, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Brand Protection & Anti-phishing, Surface, Deep & Dark Web Monitoring, Security Ratings, Third third-party risk Management, and Unlimited Takedowns. Seamless and turn-key, CTM360 requires no configurations, installations or inputs from the end-user, with all data pre-populated and specific to your organization. All aspects are managed by CTM360.

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