Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates - Core42, a G42 company and provider of sovereign cloud, cybersecurity, AI infrastructure and services, has launched JAIS Chat as a mobile application available for download on iOS. This user-friendly chatbot developed to meet the growing demand and popularity of Generative AI capabilities regionally.

As a bilingual English and Arabic chatbot, JAIS Chat understands multiple Arabic dialects and cultural nuances. It facilitates translation and cross-language communication at scale, powered by AI, and is specifically designed to empower Arabic speakers worldwide. JAIS Chat for mobile, adds convenience, accessibility and efficiency to users' daily lives, offering AI-enabled assistance on the go.

JAIS Chat is based on JAIS 30B, the world’s most performant Arabic Large Language Model (LLM), which has been trained on an extensive dataset comprising 1.63 trillion tokens, with 475 billion Arabic tokens, and the remaining being English and Code. As a result, JAIS Chat delivers unparalleled results in Arabic language processing and accuracy while delivering uncompromising English language processing, rivaling top-performing English language models of a similar size.

Andrew Jackson, EVP, Chief AI Officer at Core42, stated: “Since the inception of JAIS in August 2023, the response has been overwhelmingly positive, and with the recent launch of JAIS 30B, we've witnessed a significant enhancement in its performance metrics compared to its predecessor, JAIS 13B. With its Arabic-first approach, JAIS reshapes how bilingual individuals interact with technology, and with JAIS Chat for mobile, we are delivering the next advancement in our mission to democratize AI access for the world”.

JAIS Chat promises to unlock new possibilities for the region, from enhancing government communications, to improving customer service automation and enabling entire workforces across various sectors.

Key Features:

  • Bilingual Capability: Proficient in both Arabic and English.
  • Cultural and Linguistic Sensitivity: Engineered with an Arabic-centric model for efficient processing of Arabic text.

Unique Features of JAIS Chat:

  • Generative AI Power: Capable of summarization, content generation, and information retrieval with an Arabic-first approach.

Upcoming functionalities for JAIS Chat include document processing, customizable user settings, voice conversation capabilities, and an enterprise support and subscription model for businesses seeking bespoke advanced functionalities.


About Core42:

Core42, a G42 company, empowers individuals, enterprises, and nations to unlock the full potential of AI through its comprehensive enablement capabilities. As a leading provider of sovereign cloud, cybersecurity, AI infrastructure, and services, our mission is to accelerate the achievements of others and help them reach their most ambitious goals. 

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For more information on JAIS Chat, visit www.core42.ai/Jais. Download the app on Apple App Store

Read more here: https://www.g42.ai/resources/news/core42-sets-new-benchmark-arabic-large-language-models-release-jais-30b)

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