Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The recently held Huawei eKit Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) Network Product Launch Event introduced a new Huawei sub-brand dedicated to the distribution business in the UAE.

Kinven Zou, Director of Enterprise Distribution Sales Business, Huawei Middle East & Central Asia, shared Huawei’s latest partner policies. "Huawei is willing to work with distribution partners in the Middle East & Central Asia region to create a distribution ecosystem, strengthen the development of the distribution industry, develop integrated marketing and service, and improve partners' sales capabilities," Kinven said.

"Huawei provides a comprehensive support system for partners and customers. This service support system includes dedicated partner policy, scenario-based solutions, and digital tools,” Kinven added.

Leaf Hu, Director of Distribution Business, Huawei UAE Enterprise Business, launched new products of SME Network. In terms of WLAN, Huawei has released the cost-effective Access Point AP361, the industry's first entry-level distributed Wi-Fi 7 AP371, and the quasi-industrial standard outdoor AP AP761. Meanwhile, Huawei has also introduced 8-port managed switches, 24-port fiber switch S310-24ST4X and 2.5GE ports switch S310-24PN4X.

Leaf Hu, Director of Distribution Business, Huawei UAE Enterprise Business

In terms of platforms and capabilities, Huawei has introduced the Cloud Web Management Platform SNC. Till now, Huawei eKit SME Network includes 46 products on sale, to continually support partners Growing.

Abdullah Xi, Director of Delivery & Service Dept, Huawei UAE Enterprise Business, shared the distribution business service strategy. With a spirit of “6 Easy”, Huawei eKit integrated marketing, solution, tools, service, enablement and partner operations into one platform. Abdullah said that Huawei would like to build e-commerce form transaction capabilities and digital operation capabilities for partners and build a bridge to connect digital requirements and ICT products for end users.

In 2023, Huawei eKit evolved marketable products and scenario-based portfolios for SMEs operating in the Middle East and Central Asia, entering six countries in the region. Till date, more than 100 subcontractors have already chosen these products.

In 2024, Huawei is committed to providing products, digital platforms, and services that are easy to buy, sell, install, maintain, learn, and use. Huawei has set ambitious targets and hopes to work with more than 2,000 additional subcontractors by the end of the year.

Huawei eKit's diverse Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions cover 30 scenarios, including Small Office Home Office (SOHO), hospitality, catering, education, and retail.

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