Coldwell Banker, New Avenue Real Estate Consultancy, and The Board Consulting have announced a strategic partnership and alliance to provide innovative solutions to support the real estate sector.

For his part, Karim Zein, CEO of Coldwell Banker, stated that the alliance aims to offer diverse solutions to support and develop the real estate sector.

This includes providing studies and expertise to ensure developers execute real estate projects that align with customer needs and provide added value to the market.
“Innovative marketing plans will contribute to achieving targeted sales plans rapidly,” Zein said.

Moreover, the alliance combines the expertise of the three entities to ensure added value for the market as a whole.

 Zein emphasized that seriousness, commitment to values, and offering added value are common traits shared between Coldwell Banker, New Avenue, and The Board Consulting, motivating the strategic alliance to achieve positive results for the sector, developers, and clients.

Furthermore, Ahmed El-Dessouky, Managing Director of New Avenue Real Estate Consultancy, expressed that the company’s vision aligns with Coldwell’s goals and The Board Consulting’s ambitions.

 The alliance will provide the sector with more expertise and maximize the experience of each company individually.

Moreover, Ahmed Zaki, Managing Director and Co-Founder of The Board Consulting, highlighted that one solution the alliance will offer is providing financial solutions for developers through a major financial entity, expediting the investment process.

“The alliance will leverage the experience and databases of the three companies to deliver the best solutions, ensuring the execution of successful projects and providing the best marketing consultations for clients,” Zaki stated.

Zaki added that among the companies that have joined this alliance is a financing firm, which is one of Beltone Holding’s companies.

It will be responsible for financial matters and providing financing solutions to enable developers to accelerate the investment process.

He further stated that Positive Magnets is another company that has joined the alliance.

It will be responsible for project development, from project concept and master planning to pricing, which will help developers offer the real estate market new projects and ideas.

Zaki pointed out that the expertise and databases of the three companies will be utilized to provide the best solutions that will guarantee the implementation of successful projects and provide the best marketing consultations to clients.