D​​​​​​ubai, UAE: In a significant address at the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP28, CIBSE President, Adrian Catchpole is championing two critical themes - embodied carbon and climate resilience. His insights and calls for transformative action underline CIBSE's commitment to driving change in the built environment.

Adrian Catchpole will advocate for a paradigm shift in how carbon emissions are measured in buildings. He will underscore the urgency of focusing on embodied carbon and highlight CIBSE's pioneering work on the TM65 embodied carbon calculation methodology for building services. A notable announcement during COP28 includes the launch of a local addendum for the UAE.

TM65, a groundbreaking methodology, promotes transparency in the supply chain, enabling engineers and manufacturers to produce comparable carbon metrics consistently. Initially developed for the UK market, TM65 has garnered international interest, leading to adaptations for Australia, New Zealand, North America, and now the UAE/MENA region.

Adrian will delve into the theme of climate resilience, stressing the need to shift focus beyond decarbonisation. As leaders in the field, CIBSE will maintain a dual focus on achieving net-zero targets and evaluating the industry's adaptability to climate change. Adrian Catchpole will participate in a panel event within the COP28 Blue Zone, discussing the impact of decarbonisation on fostering health and wellbeing in green cities.

CIBSE, in collaboration with its members, industry stakeholders, and governments, continues to enhance performance standards, share knowledge, innovate, and deliver training and research. Starting January 2024, CIBSE mandates Continuing Professional Development (CPD) on sustainability and building safety, ensuring its members stay at the forefront of industry advancements.

Additionally, the newly launched CIBSE STEM Ambassador program connects professionals with schools and colleges, inspiring the next generation of engineers who will drive the net-zero agenda. In conjunction with Adrian Catchpole's participation in events, he will also be part of the CIBSE Awards, taking place on December 7th at Palazzo Versace Dubai that will recognize excellence in sustainability and innovation within the built environment.

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