Riyadh: Osama Redaian, Operational Excellence & Customer Experience Director at Bupa Arabia, participated in the E3 Customer Experience Conference held in Riyadh from June 7 to 9, under the theme “Making customer centricity your game changer.” The event was organized with the support of strategic partners - the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development and the General Organization for Social Insurance - and the participation of the General Authority of Awqaf.

The conference brought together over 300 customer experience leaders from more than 30 countries, to discuss new ideas aimed at enabling and supporting the digital transformation agenda in customer experience in Saudi Arabia and the larger GCC.

During a panel discussion titled "How important is employee experience to your organization," a specialist from Bupa Arabia said the company prioritizes employee experience by making efforts to learn about their lives, needs and expectations from the job, communicating and interacting with them continuously, and supporting them with all the required information about their job and the company, so that they believe in its goals and vision, and feel a sense of belonging and loyalty to the organization.

Redaian explained that Bupa Arabia's participation in the customer experience conference confirms the company's interest and leading role in developing and achieving the best customer experience in the insurance sector, in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 goals to improve healthcare services and promote a healthy lifestyle for a superior quality of life.

He said that the role of health insurers is no longer limited to only designing services and solutions, but should also focus on the customer and understand their current health risks and medical conditions, which in turn would contribute to the development and growth of the medical insurance sector in the Kingdom. He stressed the need to proactively provide more services and products to customers, pointing out that Bupa Arabia has made the customer the center of all its operations and programs, and that improving their experience is the company’s priority.

Redaian added that Bupa Arabia has been a pioneer in harnessing digital transformation to improve the customer experience. He especially mentioned the insurer’s telemedicine platform that provides its customers with a variety of services in the comfort of their homes. Bupa Arabia also developed a range of dedicated services for customers in hospitals and clinics, to facilitate their journey from the moment they step inside the healthcare provider until the end of their treatment.

Moreover, Redaian highlighted the importance of understanding the current situation of businesses, employees and customers, and the need to formulate client-centric strategies, and ensure communication at all levels.