The Broker Terminal has achieved a milestone of AED6.47(US$1.76) billion worth of property listings since its launch on 13 April 2022, showing the heated demand for such property-technological services during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The terminal has been well-adopted by various agents, most notably, record-breaking agent Conor McKay, who was recently featured in headlines for selling Dubai’s most expensive property valued at AED 280 million (USD $75 million) McKay has two listings on the Broker Terminal – one a six-bedroom hillside mansion at Jumeirah Golf Estates listed at AED41.99 million (USD $13 million) and another 5 Bedroom villa at Sector P Emirates Hills at AED 29.4 million (USD $7.5 million).

The platform, in the form of a web portal, is now accessible via both desktop and mobile platforms. As the first platform of its kind in the property space, The Broker Terminal seeks to increase transparency in the property market and generate more commissions for Dubai-based real estate brokers.

In just a short span of nearly 3 months, The Broker Terminal has achieved 1080 members on the platform. Sales values of available properties currently total AED6.47(US$1.76) billion against buying interest valued at AED1.088(USD$303) million, indicating the level of trust placed by agents and buyers in the Dubai property market.

Evolving alongside to fulfil brokers’ needs

The platform has evolved and has plans to shift further to meet the changing needs of property brokers in Dubai’s dynamic real-estate market. With its current user-friendly interface and the fact agents can have their listings/buyer’s requirements uploaded on to the platform in 10 seconds, the Broker Terminal aims to takes this further by increasing the functionality of the platform and help their agents close deals with greater ease.

The Broker Terminal has done so by allowing agents to populate the information required for their listings/buyer’s requirements automatically – covering the information of all of Dubai’s properties and in just a few clicks, brokers are able to do so. At least 3 years’ worth of effort was spent collating the information on all of Dubai’s properties, and since then the data 3,000 residential projects have been uploaded onto the platform.

 Most importantly, before disclosing the exact unit’s details, brokers must virtually sign an agreement - instantly generating RERA FORM I with all the details of each agent- ensuring convenience, efficiency, and trust between brokers.

An additional added function of the terminal would also be that the brokers are able to download the details of a particular property easily into a pdf format and send it for their client’s perusal.

Investor collaboration with agents will be integrated soon onto the platform- making investor-agent partnerships easier.

“We will continue to make the most user-friendly interface for agents, and we are looking to connect more connect to more property binternationally vis a vis our platform,” said Nadeem Tariq, Founder of Broker Terminal.

The company also launched its vision for 2030, declaring its goals to connect brokers from 100 countries so that they can interact with the local brokers here to get access to the properties for sale in Dubai.

“We aim to be the number one platform, enabling agents now to easily search the information of about 3,000 projects,” said Ahamad Ayaz Sadiq, Managing Director.

 Founded in 2021, the Broker Terminal is the leading platform for property brokers in Dubai. Broker Terminal seeks to evolve the real estate brokerage industry and emphasize the advantages of the personalization that property brokers bring to their clients.

Strict Code of Ethics remain

All brokers who use The Broker Terminal must be verified and licensed prior to being able to use the platform. They must also adhere to a strict code of ethics outlined on the platform- with there being no tolerance for brokers who break the rules. Brokers input their listings directly and are also able to represent their buyers by indicating their buying interest for a particular property in their preferred location. The platform also provides transaction data for the properties available, allowing brokers to advise their clients with the highest accuracy and insight possible.


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Ahamad Ayaz Sadiq, Managing Director
Nadeem Tariq, Founder