Manama, Bahrain -  Andra Public Relations; a Bahrain-based Public Relations firm with a primary focus on finance, technology and specialized sectors signed an MoU with Brinc MENA; a global venture accelerator that empowers startups and game-changers to provide exclusive perks for Brinc members in the region.

The exclusive packages will provide support for targeted public relations and media activities incorporating digital, online and offline services at a flexible rate. The partnership will support startups to get access to tools and resources, which allows them to increase their exposure and strengthen their brand presence through a multi-channel approach.

Fatema Ebrahim, Founder of Andra Public Relations, commented “We are pleased to partner with Brinc MENA to launch these exclusive packages inline with our collective mission to support entrepreneurs in the region. As Andra PR, we have worked with 80+ SMEs and startup businesses and realized that it can be difficult to budget for press and media activities at the beginning. However, we know it is essential to engage with the community and showcase the solutions they have built in key markets. We look forward to connecting with new startups in the region and be part of their journey.”

Yasin Aboudaoud, Chief Development Officer & Managing Partner of Brinc MENA further added “We have signed several MoUs in 2022 and we always look forward to the new partnerships and agreements we reach that provide so much value to our startups along the way. Andra Public Relations offer unique PR/Media packages and services which will truly help our startups engage with a larger audience and overcome certain bottlenecks. Their experience with SMEs and startups gives us extreme confidence in their work and we know that this partnership will generate great results, allowing our startups to experience continued growth and success.

Since Andra PR’s establishment, the agency has achieved various milestones working with 50+ corporations, SMEs and startups, hosting 30+ key events and nurturing 40+ key partnerships globally. Andra PR is run by a  talented and experienced team with diverse skills in content development, and executing creative PR campaigns and strategies. Since 2019, Andra PR has established a solid reputation in the Kingdom and is one of the leading PR agencies in Bahrain.

The Startup Perks by Andra PR will be available on Brinc MENA’s website and will be circulated to all program and portfolio startups for extended exposure and utilization of ANDRA PR’s services.


About Andra Public Relations

Andra PR is a Bahrain-based public relations and corporate communications boutique firm with a primary focus on financial technology, educational technology, startups and other specialized governmental sectors. Our approach starts from creating a connection and starting a journey with your brand so that it becomes a catalyst for change. We go beyond the norm and understand that each vision needs visionaries that genuinely believe in what your idea can do.  Andra Public Relations began its journey in 2018 and has achieved various key milestones. We have worked with 30+ clients, held 10+ key events, and developed 10+ key partnerships regionally and globally. Visit:

About Brinc

Brinc is a Venture Accelerator headquartered in Hong Kong that currently operates 19 multi-disciplinary accelerator programs across 7 countries, including its MENA hub in Bahrain. We believe that the world’s biggest challenges can be solved by entrepreneurs and that many more can make a positive impact on the world if they are given the right support and mentorship. As such, our mission is to nurture exceptional startups and equip them with the right tools to scale globally.

Brinc accelerates startups across sectors with deep specialist expertise across a plurality of verticals, including food and agriculture technology, clean energy, smart cities, health & medical technology, logistics technology, blockchain/web3, drones, robotics, and IoT, all within a sustainability mandate.. To date, Brinc has a portfolio of 200+ companies with founders from 35+ countries.

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Fatema Ebrahim