Dubai – Bridge Medical Group Purchasing (BMGP), an innovative and novel Group Purchasing Organisation (GPO) specialized in the healthcare sector, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with New Al Farwaniya, a leading medical supplier and distributor in the UAE. 

In line with the agreement, New Al Farwaniya will serve as one of BMGP’s major specialty medical device vendors, improving product access across the UAE implementing standardized systems and descriptions for better stock and supply management and enhancing the quality of healthcare to residents in the UAE by securing higher quality products at competitive pricing.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Rashed S. AlFadala, CEO of BMGP, said, “We are happy to welcome New Al Farwaniya as one of our major medical vendors. We believe that the UAE’s healthcare sector has made significant progress by implementing disruptive changes aimed to bring sustainable and quality care across the Emirates. The recent developments in the UAE’s public health sector have created a paradigm shift in healthcare delivery, which requires the private healthcare sector to reorganize itself and align with the new directives set. This will help the sector enhance the sustainability of health-related innovations by investing in health systems and building economic resilience.”

“We understand that the pressure to optimize procurement processes and drive efficiencies has continued to mount since the COVID pandemic disrupted healthcare supply chains worldwide. Through our partnership with New Al Farwaniya, we aim to streamline the healthcare supply chain management of the UAE and make it more efficient to deliver up to 20 percent savings in purchase spending and other healthcare expenses to hospitals and other medical institutions. By leveraging the collective buying power of our members, healthcare providers in the Bridge Medical collective can secure large discounts without having to purchase more than they need,” he added.

Mr. Marc Nehme, Managing Director of New Al Farwaniya, said, “We are pleased to join Bridge Medical Group to make healthcare more accessible to everyone in the UAE. We share Bridge Medical’s mission of enabling healthcare providers to enhance operational, financial, and clinical outcomes by securing optimized procurement strategies and enhanced product selection.”

“As one of the most established and dedicated suppliers in the healthcare sector in the UAE, this collaboration reflects our willingness to adapt to new market trends and remain agile and nimble while sticking to our fundamentals of providing the best and premium products manufactured by reputable brands for the betterment of healthcare in the UAE,” he added.

BMGP uses predictive Artificial Intelligence (AI) models to make aggregate volume purchases on behalf of its members, enabling them to take advantage of higher savings without making bulk purchases. Bridge Medical GPO provides highly competitive market prices of healthcare goods and services and supply chain optimization to healthcare operators. Its e-Procurement platform allows them to track their financial performance by comparing the market cost with the price-competitive index scores of BMGP. The healthcare players also get access to industry networking opportunities at BMGP events. 

Bridge Medical’s analytics-based e-procurement platform is an SaaS-based source-to-pay solution automates routine processes with the help of machine learning to enable global procurement processes with more value. The platform provides access to advanced supply chain management tools to deliver significant cost savings so that the members can take advantage of this cutting-edge technology to optimize their procurement strategies and reduce wastage.


About BMGP

The Bridge Medical Group Purchasing Organization (BMGP) is a leading healthcare procurement company, which provides hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers with high-quality medical supplies at competitive prices. BMGP has a wide selection of products from top brands.

The company focuses on optimising procurement practices and reducing supply chain costs for healthcare organisations including hospitals, clinics and laboratories.

Bridge Medical’s goal is to become a leader in healthcare innovation. The company’s mission is to enable healthcare providers and vendor partners working with our GPO to enhance operational, financial, and clinical outcomes by making data-driven decisions.

BMGP’s platform provides access to advanced supply chain management tools, which have been shown to deliver significant cost savings. Members of BMGP can take advantage of this cutting-edge technology in order to optimise their procurement strategies and reduce wastage.

About New Al Farwaniya

New Al Farwaniya was established in 1981 with the strategy to provide the medical sector in Abu Dhabi and Dubai with premium healthcare products and services.

New Al Farwaniya is proudly representative of 45+ brands. The key brands in the medical segment are Teleflex under the brands of LMA, Rusch and Hudson (Anesthesia, Urology and Respiratory), Sleepnet (Non-Invasive Ventilation and CPAP masks), Swann-Morton (Surgical Blades), Balton (Interventional Cardiology, Vascular, Anesthesia, Surgical …) and many more.

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