Beta Egypt for Urban Development, the leading company in the property development and owner of a diversified portfolio of projects in west and east Cairo, announced, in a step that supports its credibility and despite the major challenges in the real estate sector, the handover of the 1st and 2nd phases of its project " Beta Greens New Cairo in Mostakbal City".

This announcement has came during the press conference held by Beta Egypt, inside the headquarters of the "Beta Greens New Cairo" project in Mostakbal City, in the presence of big property developers, the media, and clients.

Eng. Alaa Fekry, Beta Egypt Chairman and Managing Director, stated, during the press conference, that the company has so far invested investment of  EGP 2 billion in the "Beta Greens New Cairo" project, and that 100% of the construction works for the 1st and 2nd phases have been completed and the project's 3rd phase is currently implemented.

He expected that the project's investments would exceed EGP 3 billion, with the implementation of the commercial zone and services, due to the recent changes in building materials prices.

He indicated that the company has obtained conformity from the Urban Communities Authority for the units being delivered, and is keen to finish and deliver the units to the clients on time and with specifications that exceed the contracted ones, within the framework of "Beta Egypt" strategy for 30 years, during which it has been keen to provide property products of the highest quality, taking into its consideration the provision of a sustainable and joyful life for its clients.

Eng. Alaa Fekry revealed that the company was keen to accelerate the implementation rates of the "Beta Greens New Cairo" project and to apply precautionary policies in marketing the project in order to avoid disturbances and price increases in raw materials and implementation inputs of the projects as "Beta Egypt" is keen to hire major specialized offices to prepare market studies on the needs and requirements of customers and market trends, which always enable it to provide a distinguished product that is commensurate with the needs of customers and to apply well-studied marketing and pricing policies.

He confirmed that precaution is the password for the success of the developer in light of the current conditions, pointing  out that the company has completed marketing 75% of the total of the 1st and 2nd phases, and about 80% of the 3rd phase.

Eng. Alaa Fikry explained that the company offered the 1st and 3rd phases units, semi-finished, but the 2nd phase, fully finished, within the framework of the company's keenness to meet all customers' needs.

He explained that the company took into consideration  the diversity of the unit spaces in the project and complying with the requirements of customers for the time being, to include unit models with areas of up to 240 square meters as well as the family villas model.

The "Beta Greens New Cairo" project is located in a privileged site in Mostakbal City, New Cairo, which is characterized by an ideal location in the middle of New Cairo, the largest urban agglomerations and near the New Administrative Capital, one of the 4th generation cities, as  Mostakbal City benefits from highway axes, the most important of which are the Middle Ring Road, Suez Roads, Al-Amal Axis and the Regional Ring Road.

Eng. Alaa Fikry asserted that Mostakbal City is one of the smart cities that comply with the country's trends towards technology and sustainability, as facilities are managed and services are provided with the latest technologies, to offer a smart and sustainable life.

He emphasized that the company is keen to provide services in its projects that ensure immediate subsistence in the units that are delivered, and this will be taken into account in the "Beta Greens New Cairo" project to meet the clients' needs until the completion of the strategic services in the Mostakbal City project.

He affirmed that “Beta Egypt” company is always proud to hire great Egyptian consulting offices and to use the finest raw materials to manufacture luxury projects of the highest quality specifications and with Egyptian products and manpower.

About financing, Beta Egypt Chairman affirmed that self-financing accounts for the largest percentage of the total sources of projects funding, and there are strong relationships and trust from banks and banking institutions as a result of Beta Egypt credibility and commitment that the company has obtained soft loans facilities worth EGP  200 million from the Housing and Development Bank, Egypt Iran and QNB, and they have not been fully used.

Beta Egypt is keen to provide the highest level of after-sales services to customers, it established, 15 years ago, a sister company, "ABM"  for project management, and it is currently managing all Beta Egypt’s residential, sports and service projects as well as it manages projects for the benefit of major companies and institutions, in addition, it has recently been restructured and more cadres have been appointed to it to develop its services and provide the highest level of customer satisfaction, he added.

Beta Egypt has been working in the real estate sector for 30 years and owns a diverse portfolio of residential, commercial, administrative and sports projects, including in West Cairo, Beta Gardens, Beta Greens, and Golf Corner Mall as well as Beta Sports Club, and in East Cairo, here are Golf Palace and Golf House projects, in addition to Beta Greens New Cairo, that 5,000 families benefit from them.

The "Beta Egypt"  strategy is based on 3 basic criteria:  providing the highest level of quality, preserving the interests and trust of clients, and delivering before the specified dates, and it is also keen on permanent cooperation with civil society organizations, including Magdi Yacoub, Ahl Masr and Bahia, to provide a better life for Egyptians.