• BASF Chemicals serves more than tens of thousands of customers across diverse industries in over 90 countries
  • El Sobky: Innovation is the heart of our mission. We have allocated a substantial sum of 900 million Euros for Research and Development.
  • Zaki: Our sustainability & digitalization strategy; container management, Mobile Agricultural, and Ardena app have empowered more than 15,000 farmers

Cairo:– BASF Agriculture Solutions, a business unit of the chemical giant BASF, unveiled its visionary innovation and sustainability strategies during a press conference. With an illustrious 70-year history in Egypt, BASF Agriculture Solutions has contributed to transforming the agricultural landscape across the nation.

Magdy El Sobky, Regional Manager at BASF Agricultural Solutions, spoke passionately about the company's commitment to innovation and its unique business model that serves a diverse spectrum of farmers. "Our model, characterized by a team of experts, an extensive distribution network, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, allows the company to seamlessly cater to tens of thousands of mega farms and smallholder farmers in every corner of Egypt. Supported by digitally-led warehouse, this model underscores the significance of digital innovation, ensuring efficient operations and timely product delivery, actively contributing to the sustainable growth of Egypt's agricultural sector,” he said.

"Innovation is the heart of our mission. To further propel it, we have allocated a substantial sum of 900 million Euros for Research and Development,” he added. "Our commitment to R&D has borne fruit with groundbreaking products like Versys™ Insecticide, a potent tool to combat whitefly, Jassid, and Aphids, which have the potential to inflict crop losses of up to 40%.”

Inji Zaki, Sustainability and Digitalization Manager at BASF Agriculture Solutions, stated: “Our strategic approach to sustainability in Egypt is based on three fundamental pillars, one of which pertains to the empowerment of the Container Management Project. This initiative aspires to become a national endeavor serving the agricultural sector, reducing health risks, safeguarding the environment, and shielding the economy from commercial fraud,further disclosed that the inaugural phase of this project commenced earlier this year, in collaboration with the Agricultural Pesticides Committee, encompassing 600 farmers who underwent 31 training sessions aimed at teaching responsible practices such as triple rinsing and collection to ensure the safe use of our products.

Our Mobile Agricultural Clinic, a beacon of support, offers direct interaction with the technical experts, benefiting 8,000 to 9,000 farmers annually. We have also integrated precision farming technology into our 'Ardena' App, providing real-time, personalized support to small-scale farmers, with around 7,000 farmers currently utilizing the app. Through these initiatives, BASF Agriculture Solutions Egypt is steadfastly nurturing a sustainable future for agriculture."

It is worth noting that BASF Chemicals boasts a dedicated workforce of over 111,000 professionals spanning the globe. The company serves more than 90,000 customers across diverse industries in over 90 countries, with over 900,000 shareholders sharing the vision of driving progress through both innovation and sustainability.