Manama, Bahrain: Bapco Tawzeed, a subsidiary of Bapco Energies, has signed a strategic agreement with Four Square Media and Display Solutions, a leading digital advertising company. The agreement entails the installation of digital screens at all Bapco Tawzeed stations across the Kingdom, marking a significant enhancement in customer engagement.

The partnership aims to strengthen the retail offering provided by Bapco Tazweed to its customers across the Kingdom. The integration of digital screens will play a key role in enriching the marketing and promotional activities for Bapco Tawzeed products and services.

The agreement was signed by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Bapco Tazweed, Eng. Issa Muhammad Najibi, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Four Square in the presence of Mr. Jaideep Narindra, CEO of Four Square, Engineer Khalid Al Haj, Director of Projects and Operations, and. Additionally, Mr. Pascoal Dias, General Manager at Four Square, and Mr. Ibrahim Al Alawi, Head of the Business Development Department at Four Square were part of this significant moment.

Speaking on the occasion, Eng. Issa Muhammad Najibi, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Bapco Tawzeed stated, “This partnership aligns seamlessly with the broader vision of the Bapco Energies Group, emphasizing the importance of cementing and building strategic partnerships with leading partners across diverse domains. This includes everything from operational procedures to technology, extending to investments, all aimed at promoting innovation and pioneering expertise within our organizations."

He added, "We take pride in our partnership with Four Square, an institution with years of experience and renowned for its regional presence. This partnership will significantly contribute to our advertising and media strategies, including both digital and virtual segments.”

Mr. Mohammed Khaled Chairman of the Board of Directors of Four Square highlighted the importance of entering an agreement with Bapco Tazweed, the largest fuel station network in Bahrain. He stated, “This collaboration introduces new opportunities for local advertising and marketing through digital billboards at Bapco Tazweed stations, providing a unique platform for investors and advertisers to engage with consumers innovatively.”

This strategic agreement aligns with the Company’s mission of developing digital solutions and innovative services to enhance customer experiences and operational efficiency. It will facilitate the development of communication strategies that support sustainable growth, brand enhancement, and increased awareness of the Bapco Tazweed brand.