Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Axon Technologies, a UAE-headquartered leading information security solutions provider, rewards the efforts of their team by giving employees the opportunity to further expand their knowledge with industry-specific certifications and improving their capacity in more senior roles as they learn new skills, helping customer organizations reduce their cyber risk and achieve their business vision.

“As cybercrime becomes increasingly sophisticated, businesses must assume that they will be breached at some point. Especially now that remote work is commonplace, with the plethora of sensitive information, it is vital for organizations to secure their data and assets online. Akin to this, cybersecurity practitioners and providers must be several steps ahead of attackers to be able to deter them and effectively protect their customer’s business. A well-informed and cyber-literate workforce can ensure that any disruptions leave little to no impact on business flow,” said Hadi Hosn, CEO at Axon Technologies.

Continuous training is in Axon’s DNA to procure and retain a highly skilled and motivated workforce. Antoun Beyrouthy, the winner of the Axon Challenge Coin 2021 and Certified Information System Security Professional, has been promoted Lead Cybersecurity Consultant, as part of the Axon’s Strategy and Risk Consulting team. He will now be responsible as the point person for Sales and a funnel for the rest of the consulting team – supporting prospect meetings, scoping, and proposal development. Antoun will also oversee the utilisation of the consulting team and support management with strategy, roadmap, and vision initiatives around the consulting ecosystem.

Additionally, Firas Koussa, previously a SOC Analyst at Axon, achieved the OSCP and GMON certifications and is now a Penetration Tester as part of the Security Engineering and Architecture team.

Commenting on the achievements, Hadi Hosn said, “Axon not only supports our team’s personal growth but professional satisfaction and progress too. Upskilling our current team not only helps us meet business needs but also strengthens the team’s capabilities as it equips them with a range of skills required to rise to new heights. Our team always has a pulse on new and emerging cybersecurity technologies, and every certification gained is a testament to their dedication and proactive efforts in keeping our customers safe from threats.”

Axon drives their team forward by giving them opportunities to undertake training courses and programs to boost their skills and build their portfolios, in turn ensuring customers will be well-supported. The SANS SEC511: Continuous Monitoring and Security Operations course validates a practitioner's ability to deter intrusions and quickly detect anomalous activity, and several members of the Axon team have successfully passed this course. Once taken, the practitioner is GIAC Continuous Monitoring (GMON) certified. The GXPN SANS Exam: advanced Penetration Testing, Exploit Writing, and Ethical Hacking, is another course that was recently taken and passed within Axon; it is an advanced level certification that validates a practitioner's ability to find and mitigate significant security flaws in systems and networks. Additionally, the head of Human Resources at Axon Technologies successfully passed the Strategic Human Resources Leadership Program from Cornell University, an advanced HR management program that provides a broad organizational perspective, and supports HR personnel in learning how to identify, develop, and measure critical HR initiatives.


About Axon Technologies

Axon Technologies is a company dedicated to cybersecurity services. As a UAE headquartered leading information security solution provider, we strive to protect critical infrastructure and build a safer digital society. We help organizations reduce their cyber risk and achieve their business vision, thanks to our capabilities in consulting, security-as-a-service, incident response, and training. Ultimately, we enable our customers to focus on their core business while we operate the security program. For further information, please visit