• Regional office in the UAE will expand operational presence; accommodate growing demands across defence, security, aeronautics, space and telecommunications
  • ISNR Abu Dhabi set to be a ‘groundbreaking moment’ for all interested in world-class surveillance technology with the launch of SURICATE

Dubai, UAE – ATERMES, the French high-tech equipment specialist, has reaffirmed its commitment to supporting customers and industries across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)– making a series of announcements sure to ignite attention and curiosity across the defence, security, aeronautics, space, and telecommunications sectors.

Having served regional clients and contractors for over three decades by designing, developing, and manufacturing market-leading hardware, software, and solutions, ATERMES will establish a new MENA headquarters in Dubai, UAE to accommodate growing demands in these strategic industries.

The announcement, made on the same day ATERMES confirmed its participation at ISNR Abu Dhabi, the region’s largest national security, cybersecurity, and civil protection event; illustrates the company’s vision for expanding its Middle Eastern operational presence and partnership ecosystem.

Elaborating on the upcoming MENA office and the positive implications this entails for customers, Walid Lahoud, Head of Operations MENA, ATERMES, said: “Our regional HQ in Dubai will represent the beginning of a vibrant new era of robust relationships with those we serve. From partners we’ve accommodated for many years to organisations we’ve just begun working with and alongside, this facility will embody our forward-facing commitment to fostering even greater degrees of trust and transparency. Ultimately, it will empower us in our mission to provide more personalised support and expertise to customers – individually and collectively. With enhanced intimacy by bringing our operations closer to home, we’ve no doubt that we’ll succeed in ensuring that all receive the tailored solutions and unconditional duty of care that they need, expect, and deserve.”

With 35 years’ experience supporting local government agencies and military departments – including the UAE’s Ministries of Interiors and Defence – ISNR Abu Dhabi is set to be another monumental moment for ATERMES and its affiliation with the Middle East and North Africa.

While announcing its regional expansion and ISNR Abu Dhabi involvement, the company also revealed that its latest innovation – SURICATE – will be officially unveiled at the annual showpiece, taking place from May 21-23 at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC).

A groundbreaking moment for the surveillance technology realm, SURICATE is a cutting-edge integrated surveillance system that combines optronics, advanced embedded AI technology  and edge computing– allowing for unparalleled edge computing. Designed to deliver unparalleled performance, SURICATE offers real-time monitoring capabilities with precision and efficiency, revolutionising surveillance solutions for a wide range of applications.

Commenting on ISRN Abu Dhabi and the launch of SURICATE, Pascal Rouvière, CEO of ATERMES, referred to the occasion as a groundbreaking moment for the surveillance technology realm. He said: “Introducing audiences, experts, and shareholders to SURICATE and sharing insights and information surrounding its capabilities will come to be remembered as a groundbreaking moment for all with a vested interest in availing the latest world-class surveillance technology. By seamlessly integrating optronics, AI, and edge computing, this solution will redefine real-time monitoring standards from the outset – complementing existing radar surveillance approach by providing unparalleled accuracy, efficiency, and security. This is why our involvement at this year’s edition will be our most defining yet.”

Amongst its many outstanding features and functions, SURICATE is an entirely new and unique solution for aircraft carrier, boat, drone, helicopter, pedestrian, and vehicle detection. Operational 24/7 with optimal visibility in all weather conditions, SURICATE excels in long-range detection with rapid identification and real-time alerts surrounding possible breaches, potential threats, unauthorised border crossings, and more.

According to ATERMES, this significantly enhances the security of areas under surveillance and reduces response times to potential threats, making SURICATE an invaluable asset for protecting the areas where it is deployed.

Lionel Thomas, Chairman of ATERMES, credited the organisation’s personnel as vital to its development and completion, adding: “Our greatest asset at ATERMES is our people. With a team of highly skilled and dedicated professionals, we leverage our collective expertise and passion to drive innovation and excellence in everything we do. This has been the formula behind SURICATE’s transition from mere creative concept to a next-generation solution destined to deliver exponential value. The development of SURICATE necessitated offering AI workshops to empower our customers in addressing their security concerns and needs. This aligns perfectly with our organisational ethos of technological excellence and innovative spirit.”

SURICATE can be deployed as an optronic turret, which is simple and quick to install into existing security systems. It can also be offered as a complete solution, incorporating software tools for control and command, as well as an associated GIS/Communication platform. Its exceptional performance, ease of use, and resilience in extreme environmental conditions make it a reliable choice for a wide range of applications.

For more information, please visit the ATERMES website.


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