Dubai - The community brand “aswaaq” encourages their customers to go sustainable and natural with the new initiative they are launching.

“Let’s Say Yes”, is a call to customers of “aswaaq” to engage and comply with the UAE guidance to reduce the usage of plastic bags.

This not only goes in line with UAE’s vision, it is also in line with aswaaq values to create positive impact in the community.

Mr. Franck Rouquet - CEO - aswaaq Retail L.L.C commented on the initiative: “Our values and responsibilities are not limited to provide the most convenient shopping experience. They also extend to include convenience on a larger scale. We aim to promote a healthier more sustainable lifestyle for the current generation, this will pave the way to the future generations to adapt sustainability as a lifestyle.”

“aswaaq” avail alternative reusable bags in their stores, to make sure that customers will rethink their lifestyle with eco-friendly and sustainable options, in order to create a positive impact in their daily lives. This will reflect directly on the community, in which “aswaaq” believes and supports.

This initiative is the first of many, that will be addressed to the community. All of which they are aiming to create a positive outlook towards using reusable goods for a better life and better future.


About aswaaq Retail LLC

aswaaq Retail L.L.C. is a subsidiary of aswaaq L.L.C. that operates several small and medium-sized supermarkets and marts that sell high-quality products, food and consumer goods.  

aswaaq Retail L.L.C. is created for the modern world with a fresh, strong and easily recognizable visual identity. The brand’s story reflects the diversified culture of the UAE, it is a brand of quality and convenience. aswaaq Retail is set apart by the vibrant colors and the flair of an authentic traditional street market. It gives the customer a sense of place and a sense of belonging; somewhere to call their own and a place closer to home. aswaaq Stores are a place that embraces all the values of an authentic marketplace; it is a place where people will know you, a place where people will listen to you; a place where people will understand your needs and wants.  

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