The Series is considered to be the first of many outstanding and diverse titles for the year 2022 presenting the Audience with distinct and diverse topics addressing the Numerous and realistic topics.

All the leading Cast members finished filming their roles including Marah Jabr, Shoukran Mortaja, Nour Saab, Ammar Shalak, Elie Chalouhy, Akef Najem, Sari Al Ass'ad, performer Ghada Abbasi, Ali Elayyan, Mustafa Abu Hanoud, Ameera Sameer, Luna Bishara and many more of the rising talents with their roles such as Monther Khalil, Omar Hilmi, whether as a supporting or as a main character.

As soon as all the scenes were filmed the crew proceeded to work on the post production including sound mixing, coloring and music, and visual effects. The Group completed all the needed work making the episodes and movies ready for TV and Platforms. The Group is currently negotiating with various entities to market the Series and Movies for showing.

"September’s Gold’ presents real-life stories through its Jordanian and Arab characters that embodies the suffering of people in the times of refuge, the importance of “September’s Gold’ lies in the face-off between good and evil in one hand, and dealing with the epidemic on the other, it also presents the story of a refugee who refuses to become a victim, with dramatic rhythm transcending the traditional framework of the refugees. taking into account the eternal issue of existence, the struggle between the values of good and evil.

Amman, the capital of Jordan, was the main stage where the events were covered throughout the episodes, mainly because Amman has a unique past and preserves its present while also forming a space of solidarity, tolerance and diversity, as it’s not only a geographical place.

Over the past months, the filming locations for the “September’s Gold’ have diversified, as many touristic, archaeological and historical places in Amman hosted many scenes of Jordanian and Arab artists, as well as filming locations that extended outside Amman to cope with the script of the story where the main characters are form different Arab nationalities.

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