The Arab Federation for Digital Economy and Distichain signed a memorandum of understanding in the presence of His Excellency Dr. Ali M. Al Khouri, Chairman of the Federation.

The agreement aims to adopt digital technology solutions to enable export activities and support digital transformation in the areas of cross-border digital trade and between companies, with the aim of providing more support and strengthening the free trade agreement in the Arab region and linking with a wide international network of trading partners and logistics service providers. This agreement also aims to enable flexible connectivity between supply chains and promote the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises.

On the other hand, the proposed technological solution provides digital frameworks for B2B commerce compatible with the requirements of a green economy.

The agreement was signed by the Assistant Secretary-General of the Arab Federation for Digital Economy, Mr. Ayman Ghoneim, and the co-founder and CEO of Distichain, Haisam Jamal.


About Arab Federation of Digital Economy:

The Arab Federation for Digital Economy was established by the Arab Economic Unity Council of the Arab League in April 2018. The Federation is tasked with ambitious goals to support and develop knowledge, infrastructure, regulatory, legislative, and technical standards, and frameworks throughout the Arab world in the areas of digital economy, that should in turn aid digital inclusion plans and sustainable development, mobilization of Arab and international capabilities to positively influence Arab societies, and uplift quality of life levels in the region.

About Distichain:

Distichain fast-tracks global trade by delivering a fully automated B2B marketplace platform using cutting edge technology including blockchain. Digitalizing cross-border trade through a connected ecosystem of supply-chain, verification, and fintech providers. MSMEs and enterprises benefit from a common infrastructure for global trade. Distichain, SECURE SIMPLIFY, and EMPOWER trade with end-to-end automation, fast track and streamlined processes, while increasing compliance and keeping detailed audit trails., For inquiries: