United Arab Emirates: In cooperation with the Ministry of Interior, UAE, Appro Retail Banking Onboarding FZ LLC, an intermediate company in registering individuals to banking and financial services applied the MOI digital verification face gateway on its platform. The service aims at creating a seamless experience that provides customers seeking individual banking-loans products more options and improving the efficiency of proceedings, and reducing customer-onboarding costs to banks, financial and non-financial institutions.

Appro is an intermediate digital platform that provides banks with reliable customers identified through the MOI digital verification face gateway. Appro is a UAE Fintech that uses this service to register customers instantaneously and securely to obtain financial services thus contributing to enhance the efforts to combat fraudulent operations.

The Appro digital platform innovatively provides a seamless and simple experience to customers by providing services and offers and includes initial onboarding registration processes of banking customers. Appro executes initial verifications of individual personal information in the Know Your Customer (KYC) system, supported by the MOI digital verification face gateway in addition to conducting all individual security checks and credit worthiness assessments. The only customers Appro share with the banks are the eligible ones who fulfill the risk requirements applicable in partner banks.

Through the digital platform, UAE nationals and residents of the United Arab Emirates may apply for individual financial and banking products, including loans, by visiting the platform, taking a personal photograph and uploading a copy of their Identification Cards. The embedded tool in the basic system will safely save the privacy of the customer by matching the individual’s photo through the MOI digital verification face gateway. If the customer face photos successfully match, the Appro application will send a text message with an identification code to the customer’s registered mobile number for verification. The customer can then complete the application process in less than three minutes.

“The cooperation with the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Interior is in line with the UAE leadership’s vision for a digital economy. The current eco-system in the UAE provides an opportunity for Fintech companies to reach innovative solutions such as Appro, which at the end of the day will provide an all in all simplified and better experience to UAE nationals and residents” said Iftekhar Salim, Appro CEO

For his part, Lt. Colonel Dr. Ahmed Saeed Al Shamsi, Head of the Artificial Intelligence Systems and Services Development Team at the General Directorate of Security Support, UAE Ministry of Interior said: “the Ministry strives to employ and invest in modern technologies to develop services in a creative manner according to the Government directives to adopt the best technologies in digital services. The MOI has developed the digital verification face gateway within its work system to enhance the pioneering government work process by providing smart solutions that exceed customer expectations and to maintain the journey of safety and security.”

He expressed his hope that the MOI digital verification face gateway would provide solutions to enhance the UAE digital agenda and provide services with a bigger impact on the financial sector and other sectors to provide more convenience to UAE nationals and residents in line with the Ministry of Interior’s efforts to enhance services’ efficiency to address cybercrime threats.

The MOI digital verification face gateway was launched in 2007, It provides an advanced solution based on Artificial Intelligence and achieves digital matching which is in line with the digital transformation policies and strategies of the United Arab Emirates which is considered an exceptional model in the world stage.



The search for proper financial retail products could take a long time, hence Appro thrives to make this process more efficient and seamless for all customers and retail banks. Most of the time customers are forced to spend great effort to review sources of information and conduct their own research on available products, and despite all of this effort, customers may not reach a clear understanding of whether the products fulfill their requirements or not. Once the customer reaches the proper product or group of products, another inconvenient process begins by filling out forms and applications to obtain approval. Banks also face challenges represented by facing a massive number of non-eligible applications which require review, hence causing inefficiency in on-boarding processes.

With that in mind, Appro came to provide solutions to bridge the gap between customers and retail banks by enabling customers to obtain proper products. And in order for Appro to provide a wide selection and enhance competency in retail banking and configuration processes for potential customers and banks. The platform is keen on delivering a high level of transparency in the suitable solutions provided to the customers while enabling banks to enhance the efficiency of on-boarding and reducing time and cost significantly.