• Addresses growth projections of Dubai Economic Agenda “D33”

Dubai, UAE: ANIB, a leading insurance brokerage with a commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer centricity, today announced that it is expanding and enhancing its portfolio of personalized medical insurance offerings. The move comes in recognition of the evolving healthcare needs of the dynamic and diverse population in the emirate of Dubai that is poised to surge in line with the projections of the Dubai Economic Agenda “D33”.

With a long-standing track record of providing comprehensive and tailored insurance solutions to its clientele, ANIB's individual medical insurance proposals are customized to offer unparalleled coverage and ensure that Dubai’s residents have access to quality healthcare services, wherever they are located. The expanded portfolio of medical offerings targets employees that are sponsoring their families as well as investors based in Dubai.

Given the rising cost of healthcare in the UAE, opting for suitable health coverage for families and dependents is an urgent imperative. The health insurance sector continues to excel, with the emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai mandating health insurance for all residence visa holders, a regulation meticulously overseen by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and the Abu Dhabi Department of Health (DOH).

To offer some context, navigating the complexities of finding the right insurance can be challenging, with several employees already covered by their companies or organizations. For individuals and investors sponsoring their spouses or parents, exploring the best health insurance options is daunting due to the technical jargon and the need to discern what aligns best with their specific needs.

The enhanced insurance offerings encompass a range of benefits, including but not limited to:

1. Comprehensive Coverage: ANIB's individual medical insurance proposals provide extensive coverage for a wide array of medical expenses, ensuring policyholders access to best-in-class healthcare services without financial concerns.

2. Customizable Plans: Recognizing the diverse healthcare needs of individuals, ANIB offers customizable insurance from most insurance companies, allowing policyholders to tailor their coverage based on personal preferences and requirements.

3. Network of Healthcare Providers: ANIB can provide a network of reputable healthcare providers and medical facilities across Dubai, facilitating easy access to quality healthcare services for policyholders.

4. Digital Health Solutions: In line with technological advancements, ANIB integrates digital health solutions to streamline the insurance process, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience for policyholders.

With the Dubai Economic Agenda "D33" and the master plan of Dubai, coupled with major infrastructural and capital projects in the emirate, economic growth and a surging population are inevitable. Dubai has registered a sharp uptick in attracting global populations, comprising students, entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals, that are keen to take advantage of its world-class infrastructure, resurgent economy, superlative healthcare, diverse educational offerings, and quality of life.

ANIB is strategically aligning its services to address the unique health and wellness requirements of individuals in the emirate and offers customers an extensive selection of local and international insurance providers and networks. Whether you are a fledgling executive launching your career or the spouse of a significant investor aiming to reside in the bustling heart of Dubai, ANIB ensures comprehensive care at every level.

Speaking on the expanded portfolio of personalized medical offerings, Gurveen Suri, Vice President - Medical at ANIB, said: "As Dubai continues to evolve and attract a diverse population, ANIB is committed to marching alongside and growing our offerings to keep pace. Our enhanced individual medical insurance proposals are a testament to our dedication to providing accessible and comprehensive healthcare solutions. We understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve in a city that is pushing its limits in every direction and our goal is to ensure the well-being of every individual in this vibrant community."

ANIB invites residents and expatriates in the UAE to explore the upgraded individual medical insurance plans that are setting new standards for healthcare coverage in the region. A

For more information about these strategic collaborations and ANIB insurance solutions, please visit www.anib.ae

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