• Improving passenger flow within the airport, contributing to the target that aims to serve 114 million passengers by 2030
  • A sustainable mobility solution, supporting the Saudi Green Initiative's goal to reduce transport emissions

Alstom, a global leader in sustainable and green mobility solutions, is proud to announce a major contract that involves enhancing and increasing the capacity of the Innovia automated people mover (APM) system at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, a significant step in accommodating the airport's projected passenger growth, which is expected to surpass 100 million by 2030.

Alstom’s responsibility includes the design, engineering, supply, integration, testing and commissioning of a full system upgrade of Jeddah’s International Airport Terminal 1 People Mover, including four additional state-of-the-art Innovia APM cars, to be added into the current fleet of ten. The project will also feature an upgrade to the signalling and communication systems, the implementation of platform screen doors, cybersecurity enhancements, and the establishment of a new Operation Control Room.  The APM cars are equipped with Cityflo 650 CBTC solution, which has been designed to meet the most stringent safety, reliability, maintainability, and availability requirements. The existing fleet will be retrofitted with the latest Motion Recording Video systems. The project will draw on Alstom’s global in-house expertise in integrated railway systems.

This expansion is in line with the Vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia and the Saudi Green Initiative, focusing on sustainable and efficient transportation. The upgraded Innovia APM system plays a key role in reducing transport emissions, enhancing the airport's capacity as an international hub, and aiding the nation's transformation into a global logistics centre. With the improvements and additional cars there is an approximately 90% increase in system capacity from the current system.

Mohamed Khalil, Managing Director of Alstom in Saudi Arabia, said, "The enhancement of the Innovia APM system is a crucial element in enriching the transit experience at King Abdulaziz International Airport, a bustling gateway influenced by the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030. This significant upgrade will be instrumental in accommodating the increased passenger volumes resulting from the nation's active promotion of tourism and the modernisation of visa protocols. Alstom's mission to bolster the Jeddah Airport Company's (JEDCO) operational efficiency shines through this project, reinforcing our pledge to be a resilient, long-term partner in the region's remarkable evolution."

Since 2020, King Abdulaziz International Airport has utilised the Innovia APM system, under a full operation and maintenance contract with Alstom. This marked the introduction of Alstom’s over 50 years of expertise in automated people mover design, construction, operations, and maintenance to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. In 2022, Alstom and Jeddah Airports Company (JEDCO) entered into a new five-year contract for the operation and maintenance of Jeddah Airport’s APM system.

Alstom's commitment to Saudi Arabia extends over 70 years, with the company being a key mobility partner in the region. The global network of Alstom, including teams from Bangkok, Pittsburgh, and Saudi Arabia, demonstrates the company's leadership in airport mobility solutions and its strong partnership with Jeddah Airport Company.

Alstom's Innovia APM system is known for its fully automated, driverless operation, meeting the needs of the world's busiest cities and airports. In the last year, the Jeddah airport system transported over 13 million passengers with an availability rate exceeding 99%.

For more information about Alstom’s Innovia APM solution please visit: https://www.alstom.com/automated-people-mover-apm-systems-leading-solutions-urban-and-airport-transit

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