• Wafaie: The Group is increasing its investments to EGP 400 Mn and the new branches will contribute to achieving our vision for expansion and providing superior quality services.

Alborg Scan, the first and largest diagnostic center, specialized in medical diagnostics and radiology in Egypt, has announced the opening of its 6th branch in Maadi, Cairo. Accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR) - the highest radiological and accreditation body all over the world - Alborg Scan has extensive expansion plans that will enable it to continue providing patients with diagnostic radiology services in convenient locations. The new branch, which was completed at a cost of EGP 50 Mn, is fully-equipped with the latest diagnostic radiology services including: MRI, X-ray, EEG, EMG, Ultrasound and CT.

Dr. Ahmed Wafaie, Professor of Radiology at Kasr Al-Ainy, Fellow of the Royal College of Radiologists and Director of Alborg Scan Centers, commented: “We are very proud to announce the opening of our 6th branch of Alborg Scan Center. This definitely comes as part of our vision to expand our geographical footprint, in order to deliver an array of high-quality services to a broader range of patients. We will also be opening 3 new branches of Alborg Scan in the coming period, at a cost of EGP 200 Mn.”

Moreover, Wafaie highlighted that the new branches will reinforce Alborg Scan’s position in the Egyptian market and enhance its patients’ satisfaction, noting: “Since establishing our very first branch of Alborg Scan Center in 2018, we have injected a capital of nearly EGP 400 million, which resulted in major success and significantly advanced our financial and operational results. Later in 2021, Alborg Scan Center achieved a profit growth of 80%, in addition to a momentous increase in visitors and medical tests undertaken by 70%, as compared to 2020. Likewise, our branches have received more than 60,000 visitors and carried out a total of 80,000 medical tests in 2021.”

The new branch provides Maadi residents and its surrounding areas, with integrated packages of diagnostic radiology services. Through the diagnostic radiology expertise of highly qualified consultants, the new branch will deliver diagnostic radiology reports with the highest accuracy levels. This comes as part of Alborg Scan’s strategy to maintain its esteemed reputation and strong position in the Egyptian market. In addition, the branch will benefit from cutting-edge technology as well as digital solutions, which will give patients the opportunity to receive their medical diagnosis results within 24 hours of undertaking the test, either through text messages, visiting the website, or via the dedicated WhatsApp account.

It is worth mentioning that Alborg Scan has 6 branches covering both East and West Cairo suburbs, such as Mohandessin, Faisal, Shubra, Heliopolis and Sheikh Zayed, in addition to the new branch in Maadi. Alborg Scan branches are distinguished by providing accurate imaging and diagnostic services, under the supervision of professional and highly experienced doctors, to meet all our patients’ needs.


About Alborg Labs and AlBorg Scan:

Alborg Laboratories and Alborg Scan centers are the largest medical center specialized in the field of medical diagnostics and radiology in the Middle East. Based on that, their labs are all equipped with the latest technology of medical equipment from major accredited companies. Alborg is also one of the most prestigious companies in the field, acquiring a large market share due to customer confidence in their results.

With over 30 years of experience, Alborg includes internationally accredited medical diagnosis laboratories and Alborg Scan, which began actual work in the early nineties, and relies on state-of-art technology in the field of radiology.  Moreover, Alborg is internationally accredited, where in 2010 it obtained the ISO 15189 certificate, becoming the first regional chain of laboratories to be internationally accredited. Additionally, All Alborg’s devices, and the technology used in its laboratories are internationally accredited by the US Food and Drug Administration FDA.