Jeddah: - Al Gharbia Development and Investment Company, the development arm of Tatweer in the Western Region, is celebrating the launch of its first project in the Bride of the Red Sea - Jeddah - on Tuesday, May 14, 2024. The project “Roshan” is one of the distinguished and ambitious urban and commercial development projects, the event took place in the presence of real estate developers, businessmen and investors.

“Roshan” project, which is located in (north of Jeddah), will include a group of residential and commercial buildings, and will be constructed to the highest design and engineering standards and specifications. The project will be built on a total area estimated at approximately 1 million square meters, and close to urban development projects, hotels, residential, commercial, and government facilities.

Engineer Mohamed Habes CEO of AL Gharbia Development and Investment Company, expressed the happiness of the company's Board of Directors and his personal happiness with the launch of this project, which constitutes a wonderful start for the company, and embodies its ambitious standards in construction and real estate development, which take into account the creation of a comprehensive and integrated community environment that guarantees its customers the enjoyment of quality of life in a balanced and harmonious society.

The CEO stressed that the project supports the company’s ambitions to contribute to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s ambitious Vision 2030, which aims to improve the quality of life, enhancing real estate development projects, playing a pivotal role in shaping a vibrant society and a thriving economy. The CEO  added that the project, will include green spaces, will also have a central park built on an area of 29 thousand square meters, and represents an enjoyable healthy environmental for the project residents.

He explained that Roshan includes 20 commercial plots and 614 residential plots, and has infrastructure projects that guarantee comfort and luxury for the residents, most notably electricity facilities, water and sewage networks, and communications and Internet services. It also includes 7 public parks and 7 schools, 7 mosques, a health center, and a main park in the heart of the project, which includes sports paths and bicycle paths.


About Al Gharbia Company:

Al Gharbia is the development arm of the Tatweer Group in the Western Region, where it develops commercial, residential, hotel and infrastructure projects, in addition to strategic planning and asset management services.

The company's goal is to create a sustainable environment that stimulates lively and vibrant communities. The company also aims to strategically plan, monitor market indicators, and evaluate projects in order to achieve the ambitious goals of the company's growth and leadership and to achieve the ambitions and aspirations of its customers and gain their trust by providing projects characterized by distinction and uniqueness.