Alliance International Management (AIM) has signed a partnership agreement with Gulf Cooperation Council Interconnection Authority (GCCIA)  to provide digital infrastructure services in the Middle Eastern region using GCCIA fibre optic terrestrial cable system.

The GCCIA cable system which will be used by the Alliance Networks ( new venture) runs over power grid offers connectivity to all GCC countries, allowing Alliance Networks to provide high bandwidth and capacity to customers, carriers, cloud and content providers.

Alliance Networks is slated for launch in the near future and  seeks to simplify the digital infrastructure business by providing a concise offering that unifies connectivity to data centers & internet exchange services across hubs in the Middle East specifically in the Gulf with interconnected data center and internet exchange platform solutions. 

Alliance Networks will enable carriers, enterprises, cloud, and content providers to benefit from accelerated access to networking and data center infrastructure across the region, through a single platform, contract, and experience.  

“The first phase of the project is defined as the “interconnection” phase in which, all GCC countries will be interconnected to function as a single region/country and thus,  addressing the need for seamless regional connectivity. This phase brings cloud, content, and communications to the edge and closer to users across the Middle East.”  Said   Mr Adel Al Daylami, CEO AIM.

This partnership will provide enhanced network performance, low latency, direct one-hop cloud connectivity, and Internet peering services to the majority of the digital service providers across the GCC . It will also address low-latency edge requirements and ensure seamless content delivery to the last mile through a robust footprint of network nodes spread across the region.

The terrestrial fibre cable which spans 1,400 KM, will be managed by Alliance Networks   giving the Company full control and manageability. Additionally, the cable will be  interconnected with other regional submarine cables giving access to onward connectivity to Europe and Asia and major regional landing stations.

Furthermore, the Alliance Networks services to be built over the state-of-the-art Optical Transport Network (OTN) and aims to provide a reliable alternative to customers including cloud, content and carriers to cater for their connectivity with a reasonable cost.

Mr Al Daylami  said that “AIM & Partners are very pleased to sign the agreement with GCCIA to elevate the standard of communications services for  customers in the region”.

“Alliance Networks  will facilitate the introduction of new and innovative services which will greatly boost regional digital infrastructure capabilities and enhance the development of businesses as well as provide opportunities for new businesses in the region,” Mr Al Daylami  added.

Mr. Ahmed Al-Ebrahim, CEO GCCIA said that” the GCCIA is delighted to be part of Alliance  Networks  efforts and ambition plan to provide innovative digital infrastructure services in the region”.

“This Agreement comes as part of GCCIA’s strategy to support the economies of the GCC countries. We are delighted to have AIM and Partners  onboard. The GCC Fibre Network spans across the GCC countries, and provides highly secure and reliable connectivity in the region, which is physically-separated from the operations of the GCC power grid.”

“We are confident that this network shall enhance digital infrastructure services in the region, and look forward to further our collaboration and partnership with AIM ,” added Mr. Al-Ebrahim.


About AIM

AIM ( Alliance International Management) is engaged in management consultancy activities in the ICT sector and  led by a team of experts in digital infrastructure services and ICT ecosystems in the Middle East. AIM is managing the setup  of a new joint venture that aims to strengthen the connectivity of the Gulf region by bridging high speed connectivity Infrastructure with datacentres and exchange platforms.