In 2020, Advanced Media Trading launched its biannual digital cinema community event CINE, a unique space providing filmmakers, enthusiasts, and industry experts in the GCC and beyond with a great opportunity to come together, showcase and discuss the latest technologies, trends, and solutions in digital cinema.

As the leading distributor of video, photo, broadcast and cinema equipment, Advanced Media is furthering its commitment to persistently developing, organizing, and hosting training workshops, seminars and community events that educate, inform, and familiarize consumers with new equipment and the latest technological advances. In pursuit of this goal, Advanced Media will be launching the Arabic edition of CINE in Riyadh, KSA.

CINESeason, an immersive two-day event taking place on October 6th and 7th 2023, is designed to provide aspiring filmmakers, content creators and enthusiasts with a comprehensive learning experience in various aspects of cinematic filmmaking, and the opportunity to join industry experts in discussing the latest technologies, trends and solutions in digital cinema, broadcast, and video ahead of the 4th edition of the Riyadh Season.

The carefully curated workshops will cover a gamut of subjects including but not limited to video acquisition, lighting for film and TV drama, workflow, and post-production, and understanding optics for shooting in high-resolution formats.  The workshops will provide interactive and hands-on experiences using an impressive range of equipment from recognizable brands such RED, Sony Professional Solutions, Zeiss, Angenieux, Astera light, DJI and Tokina to name a few on sets designed especially to accommodate and supplement the learning experience.  

Mr. Fouad Aoun, with over 10 years of experience as a professional cinematographer well-versed in lighting design, camera operating, and acoustics, will be conducting two workshops on “Video Acquisition for Cinema” and “Understanding Your Optics: Shooting in 8K and Beyond.” As the demand for high-quality cinematic content continues to rise across various platforms, mastering video acquisition has become increasingly essential.  Moreover, in a competitive arena of filmmaking and storytelling, workflow and post-production are vital components of cinema as they enhance visual and audio quality, provide creative control, allow for error correction, enable the integration of visual effects and CGI, facilitate seamless storytelling, and help polish and refine the final film. Mr. Mostafa Salah, with a decade worth of media and editing experience on prestigious campaign, will teach the “Workflow and Post” workshop. And last but not least, the renowned Egyptian Director of Photography, Ayman Abou el Makarem, will be conducting the “Lighting for Film & TV Drama” workshop which will include lot of value and importance for professionals in the industry for several key reasons: Creating Cinematic Visuals, Enhancing Storytelling, Staying Versatile and Adaptable.

Ultimately, all four workshops will culminate in a platform for participants to showcase their creativity. By working on a collaborative project with the guidance of experienced instructors, participants will have the chance to put their skills into practice, create compelling content, and present their work to their peers and industry professionals. By offering a comprehensive program covering multiple aspects of cinematic filmmaking, providing hands-on experience with cutting-edge equipment, and fostering a collaborative and supportive environment, the CINESeason workshops presented by Advanced Media aims to empower participants to excel in their craft and take their filmmaking skills to new heights. For more information, please visit