• Founded in 2019, Cureleads works to transform patient lives across the MENA region by leading the path to cure specialty and rare diseases, led by its highly profiled industry leader founders.

Dubai UAE: Abdul Latif Jameel Health, part of international diversified family business Abdul Latif Jameel, and Cureleads, a Dubai, UAE and Beirut, Lebanon based pharmaceutical and medicinal distribution and marketing business working throughout the Middle East and North Africa, have announced a new agreement for the distribution of Butterfly Network, Inc.’s Butterfly iQ+  ultrasound solution in the UAE. 

The innovative Butterfly iQ+[1] is the world's first single probe, whole-body handheld ultrasound solution that brings the power of ultrasound into assessment, diagnosis and treatment processes. 

As part of its new agreement with Abdul Latif Jameel Health, Cureleads will register Butterfly iQ+ in the United Arab Emirates – already widely considered the healthcare hub for the Middle East – and start commercial sales in December 2022, bringing the technology to potentially more than 26,000 medical doctors practicing in public and private hospitals and facilities across the Emirates[2].

World Health Organization data suggests that over 4.7 billion people around the world lack access to medical imaging[3], from underserved communities in the United States to remote areas of Africa.  The Butterfly iQ+ aims to remedy this situation.  Fusing semiconductors and artificial intelligence, Butterfly has made it possible to usher in a new era of medical imaging and with it, transform healthcare. 

With a very diverse populace, research estimates the UAE 2022 population at 10.08 million, more than double that in 2005 (4.58 million)[4].  Government data reports that there are more than 200 nationalities living and working in the UAE.  Indians form the largest foreign community in the country, followed by Pakistanis, Bangladeshi, other Asians, Europeans and Africans.[5] 

This new collaboration will offer greater distribution of Butterfly iQ+ to physicians in the UAE thereby expanding the capabilities of practitioners working both within, and outside, primary care units such as hospitals and clinics, accelerating access to modern medical care for those who need it most.

Butterfly iQ+, is revolutionizing medical imaging. It is an innovative 3 in 1, single-probe, whole-body  hand-held ultrasound solution, powered by the world’s only Ultrasound–on-Chip™ technology. 

This point of care device with over 20 default presets is compatible with both iOS and Android smart devices and comes complete with battery back, wireless charging, customized app software and AI support.

Hailed as potentially the ‘stethoscope of the future’, the Butterfly iQ+ transforms what can sometimes be complex processes, into one connected and integrated bedside imaging system.  Butterfly iQ+ uniquely unlocks access to ultrasound information at every point-of-care setting, no matter where that setting is. 

Through this distribution, clinicians across the UAE will gain information they’ve never before had, empowering them to perform rapid assessments and to guide more informed clinical decision-making, diagnosis, and treatment. 

Speaking about this new collaboration, Mohamad Rammal, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, Cureleads, said: “My life’s purpose, and the purpose of Cureleads, is to create happy, healthy and meaningful lives.  Our aim is to transform patient lives by leading the path to medical cures.  When medical practitioners use the very latest technology of Butterfly IQ+, they will be guided by real time patient assessment.

“The Butterfly iQ+ is an innovative ultrasound solution which fits in the palm of a hand.  We’re very much looking forward to introducing the market to this technology and seeing how it can help every patient across the UAE, the hub for medical innovation in Middle East.”

Akram Bouchenaki, Chief Executive Officer, Abdul Latif Jameel Health added: “Abdul Latif Jameel is addressing tangible real-world needs today, for a better tomorrow. We are focused on health care inclusion, accelerating access to modern medical care for those who need it most. 

“We believe in realizing the true power of deep local knowledge, relationships, and partnerships to get the very best results for the communities we serve.  I am proud to collaborate with Cureleads who share our vision of improving live and lives across the Global South.” 


About Abdul Latif Jameel Health

Backed by Abdul Latif Jameel, one of the most respected diversified family businesses and investors with a 75-year heritage, deep  roots, and established networks alongside a multi-sector presence in 30 countries across six continents, Abdul Latif Jameel Health  is uniquely positioned as a trusted partner in realizing major innovations and opportunities in the healthcare world.

Abdul Latif Jameel Health reflects the Jameel family’s long-established commitment to innovating for a better future through Community Jameel, an international organization supporting science and technology-led solutions to global challenges. Community  Jameel and MIT co-founded the Abdul Latif Jameel Clinic for Machine Learning in Health (Jameel Clinic) in September 2018– which  has rapidly become the very epicenter of AI and healthcare at MIT – and the Abdul Latif Jameel Institute for Disease and  Emergency Analytics (Jameel Institute) co-founded with Imperial College London, in October 2019, using novel data analytics to  reduce global risk of preventable disease most recently including the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, and strengthening health systems  in the most fragile settings.

Abdul Latif Jameel Health takes this commitment into the commercial environment addressing tangible real-world needs today, for a better tomorrow. It is focused on health care inclusion in the global south, accelerating access to modern medical care for those who need it most by opening up/growing new markets for distribution of existing solutions and investing in the future of MedTech.

The Jameel Investment Management Company (JIMCO) actively invests in  innovative, early-stage and breakthrough ventures and technology, aiming to positively shape the future of core industries driving  the global economy through its’ investments that span medical and healthcare industries, from pharmaceuticals and vaccines to  cutting-edge medical technology, along with emergent technologies across FinTech, InsurTech, electric vehicles and future mobility  solutions.

For further information, visit: https://aljhealth.comand our brand video here.  Media Contact: Email aljhealth@edelman.com.  For general inquires: info@aljhealth.com.  For adverse event reporting or medical enquires: safety@aljhealth.com

About Cureleads

Cureleads aspires to transform patients’ lives in MENA by improving access to critical medicines to treat specialty diseases, mainly in cancer, neurology, and rare diseases. Over the next 10 years, the incidence of rare diseases in MENA will become the highest in the world. At the same time, a powerful global confluence of biology and technology is driving dramatic advances in medical therapies to treat these diseases. CURELEADS is dedicated to bringing these advances to patients by partnering with cutting edge pharmaceutical/biotech innovators.

Cureleads is a GloCal Company, a locally based team with decades of experience working for Global Pharma companies, experience that we have used to build personal networks of key stakeholders in business, government and academic medicine, not only in the Middle East and North Africa, but worldwide. We use our experience and relationships to commercialize specialty medicines across the region while adhering to global standards of quality and ethical behavior, combining competence & ethics, biology & technology, innovation & tradition.  Critically, we focus on 'doing business with ethics" to ensure proper and sustainable business outcomes. In addition to our own commercialization activities, we partner with the key regional distributors who provide the best logistics capability, account receivables management and regulatory compliance.  

For media enquiries, please contact info@cureleads.com.  For further information, visit: www.cureleads.com or the Cureleads LinkedIn page. 

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Important Note:

The Butterfly iQ+ product is not yet registered/marketed in all markets.

[1] Butterfly iQ+ is a Class IIa / Class B / Class II / Class II / IIa portable ultrasound system designed for diagnostic imaging by trained healthcare professionals. Carefully read and understand all cautions, warnings and operational instructions prior to use.
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